Received this Email about cashing out Iraqi dinar

Converting Dinar Back to USD

Iraqi dinarHello, I have been reviewing your site for years now. As we approach RV for the IQD, I began a search on the process to convert back to USD. I have googled it and can find nothing posted. My question is, is there a process? Is there a way? Or are we stuck with currency we can’t convert back? Please address this issue in one of your comments sections to give users a line of site or direction to to be looking. I would like to have all my ducks in line prior to RV.

My answer is simple, please check out this link for dinarcorp as this is what they have been working on for almost a year and are now ready in all ways for cash in.

At Dinar Corp we offer another industry first, the 30 Day Locked-in Buy Back Rate! You can exchange your Dinar or Dong with us at anytime, even if you didn’t purchase from us, because unlike other suppliers, we do not discriminate between customers. Our doors are open to anyone.

Simply use the Sell Form below to lock in your 30 day sell rate. After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation with a Sell Order number locking in your rate at that very moment. You will then have 30 calender days to mail in your currency or setup an appointment with our friendly staff. Even though we buy back currency from all customers, by appointment only will be available to Dinar Corp customers only. If you did not purchase your currency from Dinar Corp, you will have 30 calender days to mail in your currency securely.

Our buy back rate is determined by the currency’s current exchange rate, minus a 1-2.5% processing fee with a $250 per million cap. We intend to maintain this same Buy Back policy as long as future events and governmental regulations permit.


I hope this helps you out…


Thanks for bringing this up Dan!