Adam Montana Chats..

Adam Montana Chats..

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 12-18-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] Chat this week is going to be a really quick one! I’m saving some good stuff for the VIP room closer to Christmas (or sooner)

[Adam Montana] The first thing I’d like to talk about is this site… what an amazing group of people we have here. Every day I log onto DV and read something positive. I don’t respond to all the posts on here, but I want you all to know that I do notice quite a few that make me smile every single day. THANK YOU ALL for being such a great group!

[Adam Montana] I know it’s not Thanksgiving, but I just wanted to say that anyway

[Adam Montana] so now to the latest on the Dinar – Iraqi Parliament is being pretty adamant about the “removal of the 0’s talk” – we’ve seen this before, but I have to say that the articles are coming a little faster than usual on this subject

[Adam Montana] with any luck, that means we are MOVING towards something significant! But as always, keep your head on straight and don’t get sucked into the guru whirlwind :twocents:

[Saint] boosterbglee A lot of “news”, distractions, smoke, you name it have been seen recently! Are we “there” yet? Thanks Adam & Mods, your work here is greatly appreciated!

[Adam Montana] boosterbglee, We are still waiting to hear something significant about the HCL, BUT! If the recent “news” aka “distractions” is any indication, we should be seeing something more than smoke soon. Fingers crossed on my end!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[Saint] Rusty69 Has the IMF stepped in and Over ruled the UST regarding the Dinar release. Allowing for a Lower Rate verses the contract Rate.

[Adam Montana] hi Rusty,

[Adam Montana] my contacts tell me that was rumor material, and nothing serious Dinarians need to waste time on.

[Adam Montana] All we’re looking for at this point is HCL news, or concrete 000 news in relation to the notes.

[Adam Montana] The thing to remember is that until they actually issue new notes, none of the 000 talk means a hill of beans

[Adam Montana] and what I expect to see before they issue the new notes is a significant change in the exchange rate, and this will be announced by the CBI

[Adam Montana] So until the CBI tells us otherwise, you can ignore the gurus and the politicians.
[Adam Montana] And on that note, I want to end on a positive note… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!

[Adam Montana] And if you don’t believe in Christmas, then happy whatever you celebrate

[Adam Montana] that’s it for this weeks chat!

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 12-11-13 Chat

Hey everyone, happy hump day!

My apologies for the late chat, but here’s the weekly Q&A! Lots of great questions this week. :twothumbs:

new york kevin It has been reported recently that there has been a decline in the economy of The Kurdistan region because of the unstable security situation, as far as the selling, import and export of stuff. Yet there is the new Kurd oil pipeline with Turkey, and its sister on the way. My question is will all this actually effect the RV of this investment/speculation as in a massive delay? Or will the pipeline deal, along with the other contracts with the worlds big oil companies combine to pressure Maliki to get off the pot pass the HCL, pay the Kurds what they are due, and RV this thing before or soon after the election?

NYK, as always you come up with the good questions! I don’t see it causing any further delays, I believe we are looking at things that are positive for Iraq as a whole, which includes the Kurds. In fact, I see the progress the Kurds making with Turkey etc as a HUGE positive for us, because it’s going to force Baghdad to step up and not lose control of a major part of their wealth.


boosterbglee Appreciate all you do! Is there any validity to the 800 numbers?

None whatsoever.


chess ADAM: Suppose the HCL, and any other immediate minor concerns were now resolved. What do you think the mindset would STILL be
for the GOI/CBI to, perhaps, further delay a RV? Perhaps political turmoil….which could be everlasting? …..thank you

I don’t believe that is going to be the case at all – Iraq as a whole would benefit greatly, both financially and emotionally, from a return to their former prosperity. GO RV!!!

kgreen Once the RV occurs, how long do you think we have to “redeem” our dinar before it becomes detrimental to us, such as low vs. high denominations, removing the 000’s, etc?

My personal opinion is no less than 3 months, no more than a year. :twocents:

Also, if uncle sam already knows how to squeeze foreign corporations…

Not sure where you’re getting that idea, but the US doesn’t have jurisdiction everywhere. There are still ways to stand up to our Greedy Uncle. :twocents:


My question is if they Iraq is talking about coming out with a 50,000 dinar note? would that not be counter productive to the concept of the value of dinar going up, is the need for smaller denominations and coins? When they RV who would want to carry a 50,000 dinar note at a value of 10 cents is still 5000 note value.

It would be counterproductive, but I’ve found out from several reputable sources of mine that the 50k note will never actually come out.

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 12-4-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] I know a lot of people appreciate the other chat format, but this one will be short so I figured we could do a live session this week

[Adam Montana] I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I know mine was filled with family, fun, and tryptophan (sp?)

[Adam Montana] As we move through our holiday season, I want to encourage you all to keep things low-stress and just enjoy your time with family (even the in-laws that might drive you bonkers)

[Adam Montana] In Dinar news this week, we’re just adding to what I talked about last week… which is GOOD, because it’s “all about the HCL”

[Adam Montana] Parliament is being encouraged to deal with the HCL NOW, rather than next parliamentary session

[Adam Montana] Personally – I don’t know if it will be dealt with immediately, but the fact that they are pushing for it is GREAT for us!

[Adam Montana] Also, it is looking VERY positive for the Kurd/Turkey deal, which is going to put even MORE pressure on the country to move things a

[Adam Montana] All good stuff my friends! All good stuff :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] unfortunately, in spite of that positive news, I can not give you an official RV announcement as of this minute… so I guess the least I can do for you is the weekly Q&A.

[Adam Montana] It’s a short list this week, so here we go
[Saint] yendor Adam, After Aaron Rodgers went down, the Pack have gone through a load of “loser”‘s ……. while a “lousy” QB is out there and although he can’t pass, can’t read defenses ….. All he does good is WIN ! Could there be any harm in giving Tim Tebow a shot. He couldn’t be any worse than the bums they’ve tried up til now….. GO RV !!

[Adam Montana] yendor, I would LOVE to see Tim Tebow out there! But I also have a little faith in Matt Flynn… all of us here in Cheeseland are missing our Aaron Rodgers. Thanks for the comment :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Hellifiknow Need b certificate to exchange at bank of America?

[Adam Montana] The only Certificate that matters when Cashing In is your VIP Certificate. If you don’t have one of those, you will get whatever the going rate is for non-VIP members. It’s really that simple.

[Adam Montana] next please! [Saint]JayLay In your Cash In Guide v1.3 it mentions that if the Dinar were to make a major change in value, it will then become internationally and globally traded. Would it actually occur in this order? Around the same time? I can see possible delays with making the IQD globally traded as I am sure it is no easy task, even in the event the dinar RV’s. It would be a bummer to watch the rate in CBI’s website while we sit here “waiting”.Thanks so much Adam!
[Adam Montana] I agree with your thought there, we might see some delays – but I don’t think they will be significant, and I don’t think they will have a major effect on our final rate. So with that said, yes – I do believe it will happen in exactly that order. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] Canuk Adam, Do you have contacts in banking institutions in Canada we can access to assist us with our post RV exchanges.? Hearing nothing on the boards about anyone successfully talking to any of our big five banks in Canada yet. So far I have been hung up on by telephone and received the “compNy line” by my banking client care manager. I have had a couple of your blog followers tell me you will notify us of banks or contacts in Canada when the RV happens but I don’t know how you will be making that contact with us. What can you advise us Canadians that have been following your blog. Many thanks

[Adam Montana] We do have a major presence in Canada, particularly for my VIP members. :

[Adam Montana] Actually, we are networked throughout most of he world – unless you are in a town that isn’t on the map, I have something relatively close to you.
[Adam Montana] And on that note, I want to wish you all a wonderful day, happy holidays, and a great week, and of course GO RRRRVVVVVV!!!

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 11-27-13 Chat

Now for the Dinar News:

A lot appears to be hinging on the budget and the HCL law – as you can see
in this article, Maliki is maneuvering for position on the budget in particular
the Kurdish side of it, and at the end of that same article they talk about oil


“Oil Contracts” are a major deal, and the entire country is holding their breath
waiting for the HCL to be resolved – once that happens, a LOT of people stand
to make some extreme profits (and us too!) There are also a couple articles in
the news section showing that any progress on smaller denominations is being
manipulated (probably in our favor!) and that the HCL should be tackled in the
next Parliamentary session.

So, what does it all mean? In a nutshell – I don’t see an RV before tomorrow, but
they are running out of roadblocks and we can’t have much longer to wait. :twocents:

Now for the weekly Q&A!


Candy01 Hello Adam, I may have asked this before, but if the Dinar does NOT
RV by January 1st, there are no special dates that the RV has to occur on, like
the first of the year, or a quarter? So in other words, it can happen on ANY day
throughout the year, right? Thanks Much!

Hey Candy01,

There is no specific date that they can or cannot change the value. The CBI can make
that decision any day they want.

This is why I strongly encourage people to not worry too much about
the “dates” that the gurus throw out there. :twothumbs:


hoof hearted Hi Adam. If it doesnt happen this year. will it ever happen ?

See my answer above. :tiphat:


eburt Hello Adam – Ok can you gives us a breakdown on were we are at with
regards to the Dinar? I am so confused with all the recent articles regarding
“Delete Zeros” and “Oil and Gas Law” It will help if we have better explanation
on articles and latest news coming from Iraq. Thanks

See my opening post above. :)


TLHUBER Adam, Got a question for you. I’m very confused about Iraq coming
out with a Brand New Currency rumor. Not the Currency that we hold. Now, if
they come out with a Brand New Currency are we going to be screwed?

That’s a normal occurrence when a country makes a major change to
their currency. Standard procedure is to change the exchange rate,
redenominate, and institute a time frame in which everyone must trade
old bills for new. After that time frame, the old bills are no longer valid

There’s nothing bad about that.


boosterbglee Thank you for all you do…………….are NDA’s even relevant to the
nature of this speculation, or was this just “thrown” out to sound exclusive?

😆 I think some Guru Clown was out in the land of Google and found
something (s)he thought sounded smart, and made it part of their daily
$30 garbage platter. 😆

Have a great holiday everyone!

– Adam

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 11-20-13 Chat

Hey everyone! Another day, another dinar that’s still a dinar and not a dollar.

There’s a quiet lull in the air at this time, with not a lot going on… Parliament is quiet, not a peep about the HCL lately, and still no news on the WTO.

Like I said last week, this doesn’t mean anything in particular, and hopefully it’s the “calm before the storm”… but I’m not here to blow smoke up your butts, the plain facts are: There’s nothing to report this week. :shrug:

One thing I do know for certain, however… the Iraqi people aren’t just going to throw up their hands and walk away from all of the hard work and progress that is more and more part of their every day lives. Even though things are quiet right now, do not make the mistake of underestimating their intentions!

That’s my :twocents: on the overall situation, now here’s the weekly Q&A.

Part 1


one2one where do ‘ Guru’s ‘ come from ? can I simply proclaim myself to be one ?

The origins of ‘Gurus’ is a mystery to scientists and adverturers across the globe. One popular hypothesis is that they come from the same place mushrooms come from… but that’s not 100% proven yet.

Perhaps you could try an experiment – just proclaim yourself a guru and start sharing the intel! It would get a few laughs if nothing else 😀


SnowGlobe7 Has anyone heard any news on the HCL?
The news that our wonderful newshounds bring ……seems the HCL has been totally forgotten by Iraq. Hoping for a surprise announcement…..sometimes no news is good news

Pretty quiet out there right now… perhaps it’s the calm before the storm. :twothumbs:

userghost Hey, adam same question as last week. Anything new on the WTO, just curious if you have heard anything, or if I missed reading something important.

Same answer as last week. See you next Wednesday! :)


yendor Adam,do you think that should people STOP buying Dinars, would that have any effect on facilitating the RV ??

That’s a fair question. Personally – I think the amount of dinars being bought and sold outside of Iraq is something that the CBI is well aware of and it’s also a fairly insignificant number compared to the rest of what they are accounting for.

Bottom line – we don’t make much of a difference to them whether we stop buying or increase buying.


Off-the-grid I’m liking the talk about the US or Turkey, or anyone for that matter, being permitted to mediate between Bagdad and Erbil. Although I believe binding arbitration would be even better to settle those issues once and for all. That way the Iraqi officials could wash their hands of the details as far as the voters are concerned and real progress could then be made.
I welcome your thoughts if not already part of your update. I check this site daily at least.

Not a bad point – regardless of how it gets resolved, I’d love to see it happen soon for exactly the reasons you stated!

yaker Thanks again Adam for keeping us grounded. These outside Guru’s are out of control! Just for clarification; Is the CBI the only one that can institute this RV or can the IMF or another organization force it?

The IMF cannot force the CBI to raise the rate. The CBI is the only entity that can approve or deny a change in what they are paying for it, and that is what sets the rate.

Candy01 Adam, How does Parliament’s vacation, or recess from now until December 15th impact progress toward the RV?? Thanks much as always!

Another good question! Obviously not much will get done during a full recess, but keep in mind that they could pull an “emergency meeting” and resume session if they had a good reason. :twocents:

Magdalen Dear Adam, if the international community reaches a deal with Iran (thereby loosening the economic restrictions on that country) do you think this might expedite Iraq’s RV? Thanks.

I do not. Iraq is focused on Iraq, not their noisy neighbor Iran.

stealthwarrior Good Morning Mr. Montana,do you think Iraq is delaying the RV to try and figure a way to not have a huge payout on cash-in day.they are making money right now.the powerful and corrupt are having their pockets greased so why change?

No, I believe they have it all worked out, and I believe my thesis on the rate explains that and takes into account their liabilities after an RV. :tiphat:

Flamtap Greetings Adam…….keeping it a little on the lighter side of things pertaining to the potential RV…….I’d like to hear your 2 cents worth. Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

It’s not looking like it, but it’s starting to FEEL like i! BRRRR!!!


FirstTop Can you comment on the following news item, please. Do any of your sources verify this article?
Baghdad (news) .. denied the CBI, what some of the media, about the timing of the direct project restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros of them, stressing that such timing is Matrouh now that this project is in coordination with the government and related institutions .
According to a statement of the Central Bank, received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Sunday: picked up by some media statements a House of Representatives about the timing of the direct project restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros from the year 2014.
statement added: that the CBI would like to emphasize that Such timing is Matrouh currently, and that such a project is in coordination with the Iraqi government and related institutions, as well as we are accustomed audience cream on his note of any proceedings related to the scope of responsibility of the central bank, including this important topic. called upon the statement, officials contact the bank Central to obtaining accurate information before putting things like this on the public Quran.
Thank you for all you do!

Pretty standard article in my opinion… at the end of the day, nothing matters until the CBI makes the move.

charleyvic Hey Adam, I read an article (on another site) and they were explaining how the IQD is a scam and I want to know how you feel about the validity of this article.

I saw that… the article was a follow up to their other article where they stated the dinar RV’d at .62… the site is not credible, and they are obviously looking for reactions from people.


new york kevin Good morning to you Sir Adam. Thanks you for what you do. May God’s good graces be yours. My question to you is when and how can we purchase IRQ bonds? What are the requirements? Warka, no Warka? Is there a minimum purchase requirement?
Later dude.

Thank you for the kind words and the same to you :tiphat:

Unfortunately I am not privvy to that information yet, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open!

That’s it for now everyone! Stay sane, stay positive, and stay tuned.

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 11-13-13 Chat

This week in the news – talk of issuing bonds, which I think is great. Talk of calls for making decisions in THIS SESSION, which I also think is great. News about Maliki and his third term… which I am undecided on, both because of the news report and also because I’d like to consider the alternative(s).

Regardless, no RV was announced by the CBI this week and we continue to hang on (patiently).

With that said, here’s the weekly questions!

userghost Adam, thanks for all that you do for us. Whats the latest on the ascension into the WTO? It seemed like they were super close and you were going to close VIP as soon as they joined, however, recently, I haven’t read or heard much about it. Is it something that was put on the back burner, or did it happen and I am just oblivious to it?

Hi user ghost – great question, and it’s one that’s been bugging me for a bit. This situation reminds me a LOT of when Iraq got Chapter 7 lifted – there was a lot of talk, a lot of talk, a lot of talk…

… and then silence.

And then BOOM, in a couple days time we suddenly had the news that it was completed.

That’s what this feels like. :twothumbs:


one2one common sense tells me that Iraq should have a world-wide tradeable currency :
who or what is preventing this ? will they ever join the real world ?

Your common sense is working just fine, and I agree with you!

What is preventing this: Iraq themselves. They will not raise the value until they are fully prepared, which is nearing quickly.

Will it ever happen: I definitely believe it will. :twothumbs:


Hellifiknow Adam. What do you say to ….

I don’t give opinions on other people’s opinions. That’s what Twitter is for and I simply don’t have time 😆


waitingondinar Hello Adam,
Do you think Malaki discussed the currency situation while in DC last week.

I’m sure he did, but nothing has been released about it… nor would I expect it to. Anything that may have been discussed would be just as confidential as any actual RV plans… us “little people” simply will not get that information on the morning news or anywhere else.

(Unless you’re Tony… then you’re lucky enough to actually have the UST and IMF call you personally. :lol:)


adlon Brother Adam: Please give all of us some, “at least”, encouragement; that this investment is going to make us some money beyond what we have invested. When I say more than we have invested, I mean “at Least”, at a minimum, the 0.10 cents USD that you have already speculated the initial rate could be.

Brother adlon, I can’t do that. We all know this thing could completely flop or it could do the opposite.

I strongly believe iraq is going in the right direction, we are consistently seeing positive news outweigh the negatives, and I believe Iraq has very good reason and potential to increase the value in their currency significantly. Those of us that have been in this for years have already made a profit, and I don’t have any reason to think we will actually lose money for any reason.


SnowGlobe7 Adam…in your opinion…what would be the consequences for Iraq to do an in country RV…..or is that even possible?

I don’t believe it is even remotely possible – it’s not just us little people that have Iraqi Dinar. :twocents:


robbby Adam, do you have any info about (that one site)?
It says an RV was supposed to happen at $. 60/64 to $1 dinar this week, but the flood stopped it.
Maybe some of your contacts [ wearing rubber water boots] on the ground have heard about this.
I was going to ask Possum but thought I’d ask you first!

They came out and said it was a prank. In my opinion, it wasn’t funny… but all of you should know by now that if it actually DID happen, I would have sent you an email and the VIP members would have received a text along with a lot more information.


Redhorse Adam,if Iraq sells these domestic bonds, will it make our dinar worthless ? What’s your take on this? Thanks for all you do.

Absolutely not! In fact, I see the opposite happening! This is a great move on their part, and it shows they are moving forward. :twothumbs:

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 11-6-13 Chat

Good morning everyone!

This week has actually been pretty encouraging in the Dinar World… although it may
not be immediately obvious to the casual observer, I like what’s happening.

The biggest news, in my opinion, is what we are hearing out of the current
Parliamentary session. I believe they are trending towards the Kurds gaining some
leverage, which means negotiations are moving forward and compromises are being
made. You know what that means?

It means the political games are coming to a head and some real progress is in the
works! Go Iraq!! :twothumbs:

Like I said last week, I’m not expecting to see an RV come during the current session,
so no real surprises at this time – but this is exactly the kind of progress we need to
see before a major event.

Annnnnnd that kind of sums it up for this week! Here’s the weekly questions:

RPMAC Adam What are your sources in Iraq saying about Al-Maliki’ failure to secure arms support from the U.S.?
Also, do you believe this will cause Al-Maliki to lose his bid for another term as Prime Minister, in replacement for a new Prime Minister who will include the distribution of power among Sunni, Kurdish and other minority groups in Iraq; and which (hopefully) will move forward the approval of the RV to be launched?

Thank you for all your response and the work you’re putting with the DV family and this site.

Maliki is a wily one… I don’t think we are going to see his last days anytime soon. 😉

Hellifiknow I waited all day adam. Never got my email. What up ??
Was maliki visit positive for us ??
Tks Adam Go RV


Not sure what email you missed… the VIP email went out on November 1, and the general email went out the day before to the newsletter group. If you didn’t get the general email, make sure you are on the newsletter group here:


waitingondinar Hello Adam, I saw an article that stated the HCL law was not address this session but will be brought up during the next session of parliament. When will that be? What other things/laws need to be completed before they will RV? Do you think we are a ways off for RV to happen?

With the current political shifts and concessions, I believe this whole thing could be shifting into high gear and we could see some major action by the end of the year or shortly after. :twothumbs:

(I don’t have the dates of the next session handy, sorry.)



Give me a link next time please :)


yaker Thanks Adam! Do you feel Iraq’s banking community systems are ready and currently prepared to connect/communicate electronically with the rest of the world? If not what needs to take place to be ready and could this be another hold up for the RV?

That’s a great question! They have been working on the banking infrastructure for several years now, and I do think they are prepared now. :twothumbs:


kgreen I have 4 friends, including myself, that are a bit confused about the impact of dropping the 3 zeros. Some feel that is a good thing for us while others contend it hurts us. What say you ‘ol wise one?

Depends… dropping the 0’s from the front of the exchange rate would increase the value to approximately .86:1, which would be fantastic…. but it’s not likely. Dropping the 0’s from the currency is considered a “lop”, and is a neutral event – it doesn’t help or hurt us.

When the RV occurs, why would we “cash in” immediately, except for necessity, if the Iraqi’s can “smoke out” some of the speculative, impatient money waiting for the event to happen and then gradually increase the value over a period of time that benefits the country of Iraq more than those of us investing? I for one will cash in a bit more than what I invested so I am playing with “house money” and wait for some appreciation in the currency. This of course could bit me in the ____ if the country cannot sustain peace within its borders and with its neighbors. I look forward to your response.

Another great question! I wrote a complete guide that covers this in detail, you can get it here:

(It’s free!)

chess ADAM: 10 cents RV is great with me! Do you think it’s reasonable, on their part, for them to go under that?…..thanks

And another great question! I wrote a detailed article on exactly that subject, you can see that here: http://dinarspeculat…ts-the-rv-rate/


Shabibilicious Adam, Do you think Aaron Rodgers was wise enough to invest in Dinars? And if so, will his shoulder injury hamper him at cash-out time?

GO RV, then BV



SR71_Blackbird RPMAC…the following kind of disputes your statement regarding Al-Maliki’s failure to secure arms support from the U.S. Be that as it may, Adam, IYO, how have these meetings improved our position in terms of an RV or have they gone to our detriment?? Your insight is always informed and appreciated…will await your response. THANKS ever-so-much!!

WASHINGTON — Facing a deadly resurgence of AQ in Iraq, Obama signaled Friday that he would begin increasing US military support for Baghdad after five years of reducing it. The new US plan represents a remarkable shift for Obama, whose administration trumpeted the 2011 withdrawal of the last US troops from Iraq as a major achievement and has since shifted its attention to other regional challenges, such as Syria, Egypt and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Following a White House meeting with Iraqi PM Maliki, Obama said he shared Maliki’s fears about militants’ growing foothold in Iraq’s western region and would join the Iraqi leader’s effort to crack down. administration officials said this would include growing intelligence support and new weaponry. Obama said:
We had a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against that terrorist organization that operates not only in Iraq, but also poses a threat to the region and to the US. We are deeply committed to seeing an Iraq that is inclusive, democratic and prosperous.

I don’t believe this has any effect on the value of the dinar at all – Iraq needs to be self sufficient and self sustaining in order to support a higher valued currency, the rest of this is just political pandering and general fluff. :twocents:


And that’s it for this week!

Things to look out for at this time… I would say news out of the current Parliament session that FAVOR the Kurds is going to be a big deal.

Until next time!

– Adam

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 10-30-13 Chat

Good morning everyone!

Due to an overwhelming response to last week’s poll, I believe this
format will be the norm from now on. (652 votes for this format, 49
for “squirrel” :lol:, and only 48 votes to keep the weekly in chat…)

I will make it a point to get back into the chat room on occasion, even
if it’s just to say “hi”. :)

A big thanks to all of you that participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness
drive! I’ll be cutting a nice check to “THE PINK FUND” tomorrow, which
means I’m also signing up for a ton of future “reminders” to continue
to donate :lol:.

This community really is amazing – over the last couple of years we have
rallied together and sent donations to The Wounded Warrior Foundation,
Salvation Army, we chipped in for Haiti, now THE PINK FUND, and quite
a few others! I look forward to continuing our good deeds both up to and
after the conclusion of this ride! Thank you for being here with me through
it, and thank you for being part of it. :twothumbs:

This week in Dinar, we have a couple of interesting things… as we know,
the HCL is a major deal and we need them to have a resolution on that
before major progress is made. Since an RV will be such a HUGE event,
there is a lot of political gaming going on right now… and it looks like a strong
push is being made to get this ball rolling. Example.

Now add this article: “… postponement of 5th round of licenses to next year”… I
know a lot of you might think I’m crazy for saying that is good, but the kicker
is this: WHY are they postponing it?

Because, quote: “… our staff is busy with three important projects.”

What three “important projects” can you think of? How about elections, political
power, and the HCL?

And one more… the fact that Iraq’s gold supply is officially announced to be
greater than it’s foreign currency reserves can’t be a bad thing either!


Now for the weekly questions!


countryroads: Hi Adam.
Why is it with Iraq having the amount of wealth that it is reported to have,
don’t they just go ahead and pay their debt to Kuwait and be free of their
obligation to them? This would be some real forward movement.

That’s a good question, one I’ve given a lot of thought to over the years.

Here’s my answer – since they weren’t ready to RV anyway, why should
they pay that loan off any faster than they have to? They would be giving
up their cash on hand with no major benefit… there is a better option for

The route they have taken is the smart one – hold onto their dinar, plead
“poverty”, let debts get written off over time (while they are preparing for
their RV), and keep more of their money in the long run.



Carvette wondering Adam: is the rate’s to exchange in Belize
the same as we would get here? thank you..Go RV

Our VIP banks in Belize have agreed to match the rates that we will get
anywhere else.*

*Note – our offshore banks are only available to VIP members that are also
in my OSI program. If you’re not in the offshore group, you will not be
using those banks.


yaker Hi Adam, I am looking for the RV in 2014. Still a few Ts to
be crossed and Is to be dotted! If/when the Iraqi Dinar RV’s and it comes
out at $0.10, it will most assuredly go up in value over time. Would it be
your suggestion to keep holding the dinar until it rises to a more favorable
rate? If not please explain your reasons. As always thanks so much for
all that you and your staff do!

IF we are able to hold, then there is a very strong chance I will be doing
exactly that! We have to keep in mind that there is a strong chance they
could RV and then redenominate, which means we would probably have to
trade in our current notes for the new ones… we will just have to wait and
see how it plays out.


islandman7 Hey Adam, Thanks for all the time you invest in our
education. I appreciate it !

I was thinking a couple of thoughts about the Dinar revalue & timing.

The longer the dinar takes to re-value, the more Dinars those in power &
the general public in Iraq, can stockpile and accumulate, so they have a
larger end game nest egg , so to speak. Because now they are getting
paid in low value Dinars, Once revalue hits, they will be paid in fewer
Dinars which are worth more. Possible ?

This is something that has been going on for a long time – the rich and
powerful are of course stockpiling their Dinar in anticipation of a rise in the
value of the Dinar.

I don’t believe they are intentionally delaying an RV for this reason, this is
simply a byproduct of the situation.


When Iraq joins the WTO, and their currency is traded around the
world, they could peg the value of their currency to any currency. Swiss,
Euro, Pound, Correct ?

They could if they choose to.


If in fact they do have a world trade able currency, would banks
not be able to have Dinar accounts, like they presently have dollar, Pound,
and Euro accounts ?
If that happens would we not be able to have our Dinars in Dinar accounts,
and the value of these accounts would increase as the Dinar increases.
If that is the case, there would be no mad rush cash-in of Dinars once the
original revalue takes place.

Do you think any of this is possible, or an I missing a couple of pieces of
the puzzle ?

Thanks for your time,

Having our dinars in “dinar accounts” will be is completely up to the individual
banks, and not up to how Iraq decides to “peg” it’s currency.


calkid11 Hello Adam and MODS just wanting to know if there was
any good news on the HCL yet?
Thank you for all the good work you do.

Nothing more than what I posted above. :shrug:


labdog I am close to Chicago. I was wondering which bank branch
you visited down town? Do you still plan on a partial cash in in Illinois? I suspect
I will probably use the same branch for my partial cash in! The rest in a
Canadian Corporate account as the Corporation holds roughly 1/3 of my Dinars
and some in Belize after spreading the balance between by immediate family for
them to cash in.

By the Way Folks, Happy Hallorveen!

Hi labdog, we definitely have a few options in Chicago, just like any other major
city… however, one thing about your post concerns me.

You mention a “Canadian Corporation” and “Belize”… our VIP members have
offshore options in Belize (and other offshore jurisdictions), which will keep funds
safe in a lot of ways. We also have plans to use domestic (in your case Canadian,
in my case Nevada) corps as part of our Asset Protection planning, but unless you
have the offshore part tied in, your Canadian Corporation isn’t going to help you at all.
Also, if you’re not in my OSI group you won’t be able to use the offshore options in
Belize or the other offshore locations.

Hmm… that’s the second time I’ve felt the need to clarify that point in today’s
update, so I will send an email to all the VIP members later today or tomorrow.

On that note, it looks like I have a full day of work ahead of me (as usual) so I’m
off like a wild herd of turtles!

Have a great day, week, weekend… and I apologize in advance to all you Bears
fans. 😆


– Adam

P.S. Halloween… why do we tell our kids not to take candy from strangers 364
days a year, and then walk door to door with them on Halloween encouraging
exactly that?

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 10-23-13 Chat

Good morning everyone! I know I’m a little later than usual on my
Wednesday update – I’m still having issues with java so the
“weekly chat” is now a “weekly update”.
After giving this some thought, I kind of like this format! Please
enter a vote in the poll above to let me know if you agree with me.

I have one small personal opinion to throw out, then I will talk
a little about the news, and then get to the Questions.

I read on the forums this morning that Dinar Trade (probably the
oldest and biggest dinar dealer out there) has stopped their “reserve”

I am happy to hear this for two reasons…

1. DinarTrade, having been in this business for so long, is probably
the only group that might get inside info before I do. If they
are stopping their Reserve Program, they might have some inside info
that I don’t have… and I’m completely fine with that! At the end of
the day I just want to cash in and move on, just like you all!

2. I’ve never been a fan of any “Reserve” program. I’ve been very
clear in my position on this – I love this currency, I know we are
in a winning position, but we don’t have any guarantee on a return
and we DEFINITELY don’t know WHEN we will get paid… so I say do NOT
get involved in a Reserve Program. Buy only what you can afford to
lose, prepare as best as you are able to, READ THIS FREE GUIDE, and
most of all… don’t get sucked into the guru hurricane!

With all that out of the way, let’s hit a couple of recent news
articles and the questions from the members.


This week in Iraq.

Posted yesterday:

Called banking expert Majid picture, today, to strengthen the Iraqi dinar
and turn it into a currency is possible to deal at the international level, not just local.

I think the quote speaks for itself! Iraq DOES need a currency
that is traded worldwide, and they are making good progress, which
is why we are here. GIT’R’DUN IRAQ!


Tuesday authorized the Iraqi government and the Minister of Finance and the Governor
of the Central Bank to negotiate and settle the debts of Jordan and Egypt to Iraq,
according to the Paris Club agreement.

Something I think most people MISSED on this is the fact that when Iraq
RV’s, the debts they have are going to be a MAJOR issue… if they get most
of them out of the way before they RV, they will be in a position of power,
not one of weakness.

A major RV is COMPLETELY dependent on their ability to control the market,
remain stable, and not have to rely on outside help.

Next, although this is a “translated” article, I would be extremely
excited to see some HCL action next week… let’s do it, Iraq!


Oil announces the start of the second conference on Iraq for oil and gas next Wednesday

And on to the weekly questions!


GM Adam. Let me run a dinar rumor by ya I heard at work today. “China has bought
wells fargo and will be buying dinar at twice! their rv’d value” ????
I asked why would china pay twice what they are worth? “Because they have a
deal with iraq for a big discount per barrel but only if they buy with dinars” this is
now #1 on my crazy dinar rumors list. Should I exchange with wells fargo? Lol

I’ll just give it to you straight… that rumor is 87% fluff, but 13% stuff. Of course
China has an interest in Iraq, but they aren’t going to pay “twice what it’s worth”.

WF is a business and they make business decisions.

No successful business will ever pay “twice what something is worth”.


Keep it real!


Hi Adam.Would you open up a Warka bank account now or wait until after the
RV happens and have they changed the process of opening one up. Thank You

My full thoughts on Warka are in my book RV Intel, which is here:

(That’s the VIP link)


Hi Adam. First time asking a question. But I was wondering about the auctions of
last week. And why they had double auctions and on Thursday nothing also Saturday
none. Thank you.

Hi pogi,

I know I’ve talked about this in the past.. thank you for the question. Basically, I’ve
decided that the auctions are not a leading indication of importance, so I’ve stopped
paying attention to them. The auctions are a lag measure, which means they are the
result of things that already happened… not something that is going to happen.



Hidiho there Adam. What info do you have on Iraqs currency reform plans?

Current/recent plans to increase its value to $1.00 then $3.00 range? Stated
time frames? Where on the web can we go to monitor this topic?

Keepin it real here, bud… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no
public place you can see that information. If they have a Currency Reform plan
that follows that agenda, we are not going to have access to it.


Hi Adam, Any thoughts about Maliki visit to Washington to meet with President Obama?
The U.S., sure could use the money from an RV after this foolish shutdown of the government!

Since this is my site, and I get to say whatever I want… I’m just going to say this:

I wish the government had STAYED shut down. We weren’t going to default on our
debt, which happens to be insanely out of control, and I’d love to see some of these
jerks stop getting a paycheck because I don’t agree with 80% of what they do or
stand for.

If there was a politician and a lawyer laying in the middle of the road and I had to
hit one of them, I’d have a hard time choosing how fast I should be going at the
moment of impact.* 😆

*sigh… as much as I hate our legal and political system, I’d never actually harm
a lawyer or politician.



Hi Adam. In your discussions with banks have you ever gotten an explanation for
stopping selling/buying dinar? The fact that it happened suddenly…

There was no “sudden” stoppage of domestic banks dealing in Dinar – it happened
over a gradual timeline, and the decision was made individually by each separate bank.

I actually expect banks to start changing this policy soon, regardless of an immediate
RV, because Iraq is working on becoming more stable and they are showing they can
be trusted.

I know some detractors out there will disagree with me, but those of us that bought
Dinar back in 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, etc… we’ve already seen a profit. So I say “Bring it on!”

I love this investment! :twothumbs:

And that’s it for this week! I’ll be in touch as soon as possible, but I am not here to
waste your time. I appreciate how much this community understands and respects that.


Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 10-16-13 Chat

Morning everyone!

Unfortunately I am unable to get in the chat room. Java is giving me some
headaches this morning.


The Weekly Dinar Update

This week is actually a change of pace in my opinion… we have had some
extremely uneventful weeks lately, with nothing to really report.

There have been a few articles that put the April 2014 elections into doubt,
but I am reading and hearing from reliable sources that the elections will
be held on time. This is great, because it will force a few sluggish politicians
to step up their game, and that should be good for us!

Also, there were some issues with the current Parliament session. Rumor
was they were going to pause it, but now I believe they are indeed scheduled
to have their final votes on the 22nd of this month.

With the current issues off the table at that time, and elections going forward
as they should, this should mean that the HCL will be a big item in the news
as of October 23… and that means GAME ON!!! :twothumbs:

That’s really it for now – I don’t see anything “popping” until the current Parliament
session is over, so hang tight for the next 6 days and we will see what happens.

With any luck, I’ll have more positive news on that by this time next week!


Now for the weekly questions:

konaman60 as we seek comfort from our investment can you ask adam about anyone or group that has cashed out,or is there any truth to this!

No truth at all to that rumor. If anyone was cashing out, you would have heard it from me via email.

Speaking of email, everyone should be on my newsletter group


vietnam1969 Good morning Adam and staff. If something should happen to the value of the US dollar and there was another currency reserve brought into place, what IYO could happen to the revalue of the dinar? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

That’s a good question. If the value of the dollar drops, and the value of the dinar rises, we still have a devalued dollar… unfortunately, there is no “fix” for that. “It is what it is”, as they say. :shrug:

new york kevin Sir: Can you please clarify for me and others how after an rv or rd, we holding the dinar for an investment can profit and the GOI/CBI not make millionares out of everyone inside Iraq at the same time? How the contracts inside Iraq will be adjusted for their contractual obligations with the new revalued IQD? How would this effect the ISX? Thanks again. NYK

The average Iraqi does not have millions of dinar in their mattress or bank account. The average Iraqi may become a thousandaire or a hundred-thousandaire, but most will not become millionaires.

However, it should be noted that there is an INCREDIBLE amount of wealth in the middle east. On my last trip through Abu Dabi I ended up on a plane next to a sheik that had a pen in his pocket that caught my eye, it had the name “Visconti” on it… I looked it up later and learned that it retails for $57,000.

We have to remember that Iraq was stripped of a massive amount of wealth overnight, so why is it hard to believe that they may gain it back overnight as well?

Something else we have to realize is that Iraq has moved to a democratic society and the majority have been living in poverty for the last 10 years. When an RV does happen, it will be like everyone in the US hit an average of a $200,000 lotto ticket at the same time. 95% of those lotto winners will spend it all in the first month, and only 5% of the population would actually be smart enough to retain and grow their new wealth. :twocents:


idplzr Adam, could you please comment about this thread Yota posted in the news section? It is reference what appears to be info on IQN. Thank you.

This one is puzzling… the only place on the internet that discusses “USDIQN” is a site called advfn… if you search scottrade, google finance, yahoo finance, etc… it doesn’t exist.

My theory is that advfn put it up by mistake, never took it down, and the guru clowns out there (no offense to our CNN!) have been rambling off nonsense about it since then.

There is no “IQN”. We have IQD, and it will be treated the same no matter what you call it.


PrettyKitty Adam: hey, I have re-read all the topic’s necessary for our OSI, and want to make sure everything is still up to date. So we still follow the same recommendations as stated regarding after RV…(cash-out etc.) thank you.

PK, congratulations on being in the top 5% I mentioned above :twothumbs:

Yes, the information listed in OSI is current. :tiphat:


Magdalen Dear Adam, now that the economic reform laws have been approved by the Iraqi Parliament, do you still believe we are waiting for passage of the HCL before the RV can occur? Thanks.

Quick clarification – the economic reform laws have been approved, not passed. That happens later this month.


Annnnnnd that’s it, folks! October 22nd is a good date to watch for, if I hear otherwise I will let you know.


Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 10-9-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] nice topic {Welcome Adam}

[Adam Montana] Morning DV!

[Adam Montana] ok everyone… the weather is nice outside so I’m going to go take advantage of it… it won’t be long before the snow starts flying and we are all wishing we had spent some more time outside

[Adam Montana] I have to suggest you all do the same… get outside before it’s too late!

[Adam Montana] Now to the dinar!

[Adam Montana] Here’s the current situation: Very quiet news week, not much to report there. No official movement on the HCL, but I am hearing rumors that this will

[Adam Montana] everyone please no typing.

[Adam Montana] I’m hearing that they are still working on it, the problem right now is the elections.

[Adam Montana] This happens a couple times a year… when the elections start coming into play, the big dogs stop everything to play their political power games. It is unfortunate for us, and for the Iraqi people, but as always… I’m not here to mince words or sugarcoat things, I’m telling you like it is.

[Adam Montana] Once we have a firm decision on the political issues, they will likely go IMMEDIATELY into the HCL, and whoever pushes that through will be a CHAMPION. I’m sure I don’t have to over-explain how much that will do to get votes in the next election.

[Adam Montana] With that said, it’s my opinion that the RV has a VERY good chance of being pushed through before those elections… which means we won’t be waiting years, but we may have to wait months.

[Adam Montana] I know a lot of the gurus will disagree with me, because they all have inside information on tomorrow’s $20 RV, but I guess that’s the torch I have to bear

[Adam Montana] ok, that’s my weekly summary! One quick note – don’t sign up for VIP or renew your VIP today, because I’m going to do something special for Breast Cancer awareness month – I’ll send that email out tomorrow morning. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] ok, questions!
[Saint] one2one what are the primary reasons for no RV yet–they are # 2 in OPEC—released from chapter 7– is it the IMF, UST ?

[Adam Montana] one2one, pretty much everything I just said – political struggles and the HCL. We are on the downslope though! :twothumbs:
[Adam Montana] labdog, same as my last answer.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] labdog Good day to all, I have been invested in or more acurately a Iraqi Dinar holder for 8 years. I am not an investor because investors trade. Speculators trade more often than investors. That does not matter. So as a long term holder of iraqi dinars I wonder what the next excuse may be for not RVing after the HCL is in place? Do you feel that the HCL is the last hurdle? I only hope that some day I will be able to take advantage of my Canadian Corporation. C

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] PrettyKitty Hello Adam: what is a NDA book? and why would the banks or UST want us to sign it when we exchange currency? Thank you.

[Adam Montana] PK, I am not sure what you’re referring to… if it’s something you read on another site, it’s probably garbage. All you need to know about exchanging or cashing in is in my free guide:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] BradyBear Greetings Adam and thanks for the constant positives! When we hit the national day and President Bambam still will not make a compromise and the world is worried about the U.S.A., could Iraq see us as weak and there for see that as the best time to RV? Thanks, BradyBear

[Adam Montana] Double B, that’s a fair question! I still think that Iraq is focused on Iraq, not the US… but I’ll keep that in mind this week as I’m watching the news. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Candy01 Hi Adam, I understand the current Parliament session ends November 15th? What do you think our chances are of the HCL FINALLY being passed by then?? Thanks much as always!!

[Adam Montana] I kind of went over that already, anything further is really just speculation… Sorry, I’m going to “pass” on that one. Thanks for understanding.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] tominjax Hello A. Why are the American journalists so against the Dinar RV’ing…or the economy of Iraq actually supporting themselves and being an Internationally traded currency. Thanks for all.

[Adam Montana] Are you asking me my opinion of journalists, most of whom are liberal fear mongering ad sellers?
[Adam Montana] Here’s the simple answer – positive news doesn’t sell papers. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Vitaman Good morning Adam….. been quite awhile since I posted…. Please help me to understand what a RV will do for the Iraqi people. If a gallon of goats milk cost $25,000 dinar and Habibs grocery bought it for $15,000 dinar ($10,000 dinar profit) Omar earns $25,000 dinar per hour (Works one hour to buy a gallon of goats milk) What, Mr. Adam Montana, will a RV do for their purchasing power if the dinar revalues at either ten cents or one dollar? THANK YOU, Mr Adam Montana.

[Adam Montana] An RV will increase the wealth in Iraq, bringing it back to where it once was. After an RV, a gallon of milk will no longer be 25,000 dinar – the sticker price will change to reflect the current value, not the previous value.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] wizard1 Adam for some reason I can’t get an answer to my question— how do I renew my 3 month membership? Please
[Adam Montana] Hi Wizard,

[Adam Montana] First – don’t do it today, wait till tomorrow. Then you can either go to

[Adam Montana] or you can always email and we will help you that way :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] vanilla wafer Hello Adam and Dinar Family: Adam, I have one question – Do you think we will see an RV before Dec. 31st? Like you said, reading the other sites will really take you on a roller coaster ride and I am so sick of the rumors. It’s always rv’ng in two days, by the end of the week, etc. and nothing happens. I was so hoping this ride would be over by now. Thanks for all you do and go RRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV !!!!!!!!

[Adam Montana] Yep. RV tomorrow at $5.98

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] new york kevin Ola Sir Adam: Straight to the Q. With the electricity grid now being up & running 24/7 in most parts of Iraq (according to a recent D.V. article) how is progress going concerning the litany of other public services that the general population were clammering for ? Water, cooking fuels, garbage collection, sewer and water, security, etc? Are these public services still the vitally important steps towards the general population of Iraq developing confidence in Iraq, GOI, and their Iraqi dinar; and our RV?

[Adam Montana] NYK, you make a great point and I appreciate your post. These things are true indicators that Iraq is moving in the right direction, and I see them all as positive signs for our Dinar. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Magdalen Dear Adam, It appears that passage of the Election Law may be delayed, and therefore the Iraq elections (scheduled for Spring, 2014) may be delayed as a result. Do you feel this has any impact on the timing of the RV? Thanks.

[Adam Montana] It may actually be the opposite – the RV is impacting the election dates. Like I discussed earlier, whomever is responsible for pushing this through will be a CHAMPION. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] new york kevin Sir Adam: How can I/we check an IQD article on the web for its original issue or printed date when the referenced article does not appear to provide clues to this date, irregardless of what Ministry it comes out of? My recent 1st attempt at posting an article off of the Ministry of Planning website, (IQD $1.13-$3.20) one that I hadn’t seen before, devolved into it being anywhere from a 2009 – 1989 article; according to the few criticle comments received. I thought it was new or at least recent. All along I felt that it would be a good way to learn how to think outside the financial box and not be intimidated about playing in the big boy yard as much. As I tried to explain 3-4 times. It provided insight into the intricate ways the financial wizards in Iraq, the US (US Treasury), and else where are working to prepare this to RV and build up the infrastructure in Iraq on the cheap. De-dollarizing Iraq, by (manipulating) raising the price of USD sold internally, and by periodically increasing its USD reserve. How a rise in the street value of the dollar inside Iraq is to be expected as de-dollarization occures, etc. I may not be as articulate as I thought, I believed I was on the trail here; and some folks … well what can I say about some folks.

[Adam Montana] I don’t know for sure, sorry bud. I generally do a Google search to find the same text on a different site and try to compare dates that way.

[Adam Montana] And yes, 😆 – what can you say about “some folks”? 😆

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] eburt Hello Adam and Mods – Thanks for all you do – My question/concern is HCL – I have not seen any good news lately regarding HCL and it seems like Iraq is in no hurry to pass this law. Also it seems like there is no RV coming anytime soon base on the delays/postpone of important meeting. My question/concern do you really beleive that Iraq will RV their currency by…

[Adam Montana] $6.39 by tomorrow.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] PrettyKitty Hello Adam: what is a NDA book? and why would the banks or UST want us to sign it when we exchangMrOptimistic Have you heard of a finalized deal concerning the 2nd largest oilfield in the world, West Qurna-1. China’s Petro China is acquiring a 25% stake and Indonesia’s Pertamina is acquiring 10%. Leaving U.S.’s Exxon 60%. Reported by Reuters Aug. 23rd. Abdul Karim Luaibi, Iraq’s Oil Minister, Stated that it would be a done deal “within two or three weeks”. It’s been more than three weeks, have you heard anything new on this? Thanks for your time. e currency? Thank you.

[Adam Montana] MrOptimistic, good post.

[Adam Montana] Delays are the norm with Iraq, so that doesn’t concern me at all… but the rest of your post is yet another tribute to Iraq’s progress.

[Adam Montana] Listen, I made a couple of jokes about the rate in today’s chat… I hope I didn’t ruffle any feathers with that The REAL reason I am invested in the Dinar is because of things like MrOptimistic and NewYorkKevin’s posts – forget about the gurus, focus on the facts. Things are going good for Iraq, even if it’s a bit slower than we would all like.

[Adam Montana] And on that note, I’ll wish you all a wonderful day! I’ll be in touch with any news I get, otherwise see you next week… same bat time, same bat channel. :tiphat:
Topic: open floor
[Adam Montana] open floor

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 10-2-13 Chat

9:16 AM [Adam Montana] morning!
9:16 AM [kcw] Adam are you ready?

[Adam Montana] (it sure doesn’t feel like morning… going strong for 5 hours already lol)

[Doug_W] kcw kcw remind him
[kcw] Did you sleep at a Holiday Inn Express too last night
[Adam Montana] I feel like it
[kcw] I want my puking emotion mister

[Doug_W] your welcome
[Adam Montana] ok, good morning everyone! I am absolutely slammed with meetings today so I am going to keep this week’s chat short and sweet.

[Adam Montana] kcw, send me an email please – I’ll make it happen

Topic: official chat NO TYPING
[Adam Montana] I liked the topc that was up when I first came in – “Iraq’s inflation stable at 2.5%”

[Adam Montana] That ties in PERFECTLY with what I wanted to talk about… you see, I was reading some of the rumors that come off of the other dinar sites, just for fun

[Adam Montana] and BOY was it fun! I literally laughed out loud at least 4 times… all this stuff about “WF is cashing in tomorrow” and “Bank screens are still showing X” and “one rate in Iraq, one rate out of Iraq”, and… oh man, what a hoot!

[Adam Montana] My friends, I’m going to give some of you a quick reality check…

[Adam Montana] The IQD is IQD, not IQN. The rate is set by the CBI, not Wells Fargo or anyone else. When the CBI decides to raise the value, we are going to get whatever the CBI will pay for the dinar. And the CBI is going to raise the rate when THEY feel they can sustain the higher rate. That is IT.

[Adam Montana] None of the other hype or fluff or guru-nonsense makes a hill of beans

[Adam Montana] Now let’s step back and think logically – why are we in this investment?

[Adam Montana] Well, the fact that Iraq’s inflation is stable at 2.5% is one good reason!

[Adam Montana] The fact that they were working towards the goal of getting out of Chapter 7 and ACCOMPLISHED it is another good reason.

[Adam Montana] And the fact that Iraq’s dinar has done nothing but CLIMB over the last decade is another good reason!

[Adam Montana] The list goes on and on… and the rumors do too. If you like comedy, feel free to check out the rumors section! But if you want a realistic expectation, then stick to the news and the facts. Iraq is still moving forward, and that’s enough for me at this time.

[Adam Montana] Now with all that said, here’s the news.

[Adam Montana] In about a half hour Parliament should be voting on election laws. They have agreed to push the HCL topic back temporarily in order to focus on other matters

[Adam Montana] This is bad news for everyone who needs an RV immediately, but if you have your calm cool and collected hat on, you’ll see that this is a GOOD thing – it’s showing that Iraq is maturing and rather than keep spinning their wheels, they are knocking down important benchmark goals.

[Adam Montana] Once the table is cleared of these other matters, they can and WILL tackle the HCL – and that is coming soon.

[Adam Montana] The projected date is November 14, but like Chapter 7 – it’s very possible that they will just surprise us.

[Adam Montana] I know a lot of people might yell at me for saying November 14… I’m just repeating what I’ve heard and read. Don’t shoot the messenger

[Adam Montana] annnnnnd that’s pretty much it! I still believe that the HCL is the biggest issue right now, so I’ll continue to watch for that.

[Adam Montana] Let’s get into the questions!
[Saint] Benelli Adam, Thanks for everything. What role, if any, does the national oil company play in regards to the HCL? Does that need to be finalized prior to the HCL being passed?

[Adam Montana] Good question Benelli. Things like this do factor in, they have an influence on the people debating the HCL, but it’s not a direct connection. The HCL is a fight between the Kurds and basically the rest of Iraq.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Candy01 Adam, I read that the UN completely removed Iraq from Chapter 7 sanctions. Now that this is done, is the RV very much far behind? Thanks as always!!

[Adam Montana] Hi Candy! Chapter 7 is a thing of the past! :partyhat: But I still can’t give you a date, sorry. :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please
[Saint] Hellifiknow Other than this site and you of course, any other place you recommend for solid RV info? I think, for what that’s worth, the WTO approval is big for us. Can’t trade world wide if your currency is worthless. Agree? Tks for all tou do Adam

[Adam Montana] To be blunt, I have yet to find another site that posts as much current news and logical discussion as DV. I know I’m biased, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] Regarding the WTO, you have a good point – a severely deflated currency isn’t the best part of Iraq’s resume… but at the same time, we just acknowledged that Iraq is doing a great job of maintaining inflation at 2.5%. Iraq has a lot going for it, which is yet again why I remain positive on this currency. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[Saint] stealthwarrior Will there be an RV before the U.S. economy collapses?S] stealthwarrior Will there be an RV before the U.S. economy collapses?

[Adam Montana] If it doesn’t, can we blame it on Bush? 😆

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] waitingondinar Hello Adam, I read the following paragraph and wonder if it actually means the Iraqi’s are talking about another 4 years before the RV would take place: predicted MP Mahmh Khalil to go up the value of the national currency accumulated balance of the sovereign so that the Iraqi dinar equivalent to the U.S. dollar within the next four years (where Iraq plans to increase its oil production to 8 million barrels per day by the year 1917, also said a member of the Economic Committee of Parliament. Are we in another “wait” and see period? Thank you

[Adam Montana] You’ll see articles like that from time to time – I don’t pay much attention to them. One person can say a month, another can say a decade, and maybe neither one of them are right

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Galena Adam, can you explain what has been referred to as the ‘backdrop of June 2014’; what this milestone refers to in reference to an RV? Thank you.

[Adam Montana] Galena, I apologize – I am not sure what you are referring to. :shrug:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] adlon Will there be an RV before Stealthwarrior looses his teeth?

[Adam Montana] I sure hope so, it’s hard to chew up a good steak without decent choppers

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] vietnam1969 Good morning Adam, mods and staff. If Iraq can function on it’s own, as they are now doing, why would there be a rush for them to RV their currency at this point and time? I am aware that sometime the RV will happen, or that is what I assume, but you know what they say about assuming something, don’t you? Thanks for your time and responses.

[Adam Montana] Great question, and it’s one I’ve been answering for years now – there never HAS been a “huge rush” to RV. The CBI is smart enough to know that if they RV before everything is in place (such as HCL and Chapter 7), they would not be able to maintain the higher value, and it would be a disaster

[Adam Montana] By maintaining the current value while they work on the other issues, they are ensuring future success, and that is good for ALL of us. Patience is a virtue, fellow dinarians!

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] waterman13 Adam, Mods, my questions are thus, and they may have been asked before: Who is controlling IRAQ’s currency value? The IMF? The World Bank? The Federal Reserve? The UN? The Vatican Bank? The Bank of England? The CBI? or the GOI? I truly believe the World Bank, The IMF, and the worlds Powers to be are in control of all the currencies, gold, precious metals, oil, and natural gas prices. What say you?

[Adam Montana] waterman, that is another good question. While the UN, IMF, WTO, etc do have influence – the CBI has the final say on the value. If they are willing to pay $1 for 1IQD, then the value is 1:1. If the WTO says “Iraq you make your value 1:1”, but the CBI won’t pay it… well, too bad Mr WTO. The CBI has the final say.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] PrettyKitty Hey Adam, haven’t heard much from you during this week. As most, I have been reading so much up/down , up/down…..I never know whats going on. You, just guessing, think RV before end of year (2013)? Thanks to you all. PrettyKitty Hey Adam….As most, I have read so much up/down up/down things this week, I’m not sure if I am understanding. Do you think (you) we’ll see an RV before the end of 2013? Thank you all !

[Adam Montana] It all depends on the HCL, prettykitty. I mentioned a couple dates earlier in the chat, that’s as far as I’m willing to go with an actual “prediction”

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] trojanrog Has Iraq sets dates for parliamentary elections for 2014?

[Adam Montana] sorry trojan, I forgot to research that one – I don’t have the answer right now.
[Adam Montana] next please!

[Saint] that’s it

[Adam Montana] sweet! I hate to “chat and run”, but my schedule is crazy today… Thanks for tuning in, and as always GOOO RRRRRVVVVV!!!!
[Saint] Adam Montana

[Adam Montana] You all have a great day – mods, thank you as always for all you do! These chats are appreciated by a lot of people, and I could not do them as effectively without your help
Topic: open floor
[Adam Montana] open floor

[Adam Montana] I might go read about IQN one more time just to keep this smile on my face for the rest of the day
[Adam Montana] have a good one all!

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 9-25-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] Morning everyone! Today’s chat will be short and blunt… I’m hearing a lot of nonsense out of some of the Gurus out there, and this is one of those days when I don’t have the patience for that nonsense…

[Adam Montana] Some of these clowns are saying that they have a new “code” and if you “say certain things” at the bank you will get a better rate. :facepalm:

[Adam Montana] This whole “IQN” thing, and the notion that if you take your dinar in and say “Hi this is IQN (not IQD) and I want to do an exchange for up to $20 per IQN”… if you’re reading one of those chats or listening to it on a call, please do yourself a favor… leave that site or hang up on the call.

[Adam Montana] There, I hope that was blunt enough

[Adam Montana] Here’s what is REALLY happening with the Dinar.

[Adam Montana] 1. The CBI is the market maker, they are the ones who decide what the Dinar is exchanged/traded/bought/sold for… and at this time, they are still selling the IQD for 1166:1. There is no official change in the value, nor is there an official change in the “name”.

[Adam Montana] 2. Iraq is still working on a WTO membership which will do wonderful things for the ability of Iraq to increase the value of their currency, in my opinion to as high as a dollar… but realistically that is the top end of where they would come out.

[Adam Montana] 3. Not much news on the HCL over the last week, but nothing negative either, so we’re looking for a couple of key dates, which are:

[Adam Montana] 4. Tomorrow, Saturday, and next Thursday are key meetings for Iraq. I am looking forward to seeing some positive news at one of these dates.
[Adam Montana] and finally,

[Adam Montana] 5. Regardless of how silly some of these Gurus can be, the fundamental reasons for my involvment in the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) remain positive and I am still looking forward to a realistic increase in the value. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] ok, let’s do the Q’s! kcw, if you please
[kcw] calkid11 Hello Adam and Mods, just checking to see if you have any news on the HCL yet I haven’t seen any. Thank you and the mods for all they do.

[Adam Montana] Nothing major this week, but like I mentioned we do have some upcoming dates to watch for. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] umbertino I ‘d have a simple and straight question Adam , if I may…….Never asked you anything before……. I’d like to know what’s your CURRENT (now) absolutely sincere feeling in terms of a RV occurring…..If possible expressed in %. 50%, 70%, 30% ? More? Less? Not asking about date and/or rate. Just your honest sincere feel in % of it happening. Thank you in advance.

[Adam Montana] I am 99% confident that we will see an increase in the value. I am 50/50 on it being an immediate increase to somewhere between .10 and $1. My odds on it coming out slightly lower, but still dramatically higher than it currently is, are greater than 50%. That’s my two cents on it. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] cbailey Please explain the difference between IQD and IQN, and will there be a different price on each.

[Adam Montana] This is a tough one to explain, because I think they just pulled it out of nowhere. I haven’t been able to find any reputable sources for the whole “IQN” thing, and the CBI is still calling their dinar
[Adam Montana] “IQD”, so… I’m chalking it up to silliness.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] SoonToBeWealthy I would appreciate your comment on this story: (Story clipped – regarding Panama banks and the benefits of having more than one offshore account per entity.)

[Adam Montana] STBW, there’s a good reason I have never promoted Panama banking to our VIP members here, and this is one of them. :twocents: I do agree that anyone with a serious interest in offshore banking does need to have a backup plan (bank), and I fully intend to assist our Offshore members in doing that after the RV… but at this time it doesn’t make sense to take the time and money required to open a second account. If you’re in my OSI group, you can rest assured that we are very secure with the institutions we are currently using.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] dylham Hi Adam, Is there a basket of currencies all going to RV at the same time ?

[Adam Montana] I do not believe so.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] NEVILL071452 Good morning, everyone. Is my 1-st time here with a question. Reading and following the blog 4 a long time . Excellent work. Question: when opening the IBC is it possible to keep the money in the bank as Iraqi DINAR? Reason: the spread for exotic currency is like 15%, some 40%. But after the RV if I will have the dinars, buying GOLD will be a way I may go, and after that GOLD can be sold in any currency. Am I clear with the ???.

[Adam Montana] At this time most banks are not holding accounts in IQD currency. After the RV, they may change that policy but we will not know for sure until it actually happens. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] FirstTop Heard that the Customs Tariff Law has been amended. Will this help facilitate the RV?] FirstTop Heard that the Customs Tariff Law has been amended. Will this help facilitate the RV?

[Adam Montana] I’m not sure what the ammendment was, so I can’t give an exact opiniion. Sorry about that. :shrug:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] vanilla wafer Hello Adam: With everything that we are hearing, is it true that Iraq still needs to post the new IQN rate on their CBI site to make it official and final? Also, do you feel the IQD rate will not be activated until the IQN goes international … and will it be the catalyst that will begin the final process in bringing us the activation of the IQD rate in the USA and other countries? I realize it is not a day by day watch until we are in the appropriate window; however, do you feel this window … must be a coordination of multiple events? One last question, do you expect to see this RV in September or early October? We have seen odd rates showing up on ForEx, and they are all over the place from $2.40 to $8.80. What do you think about these figures? Thanks for everything you do for Dinar Vets Family,

[Adam Montana] I think I gave enough of an opinion on that in my opening statements… there is no reliable source stating that the cBI intends to change to IQN. Regardless of what is circulating out there on the web, Iraq has ONE currency right now, and it’s the IQD. They will not have two different exchange rates for the same currency, and anyone saying they will is probably smoking some really good stuff 😆
[Adam Montana]

Topic: open floor
[Adam Montana] open floor

[Adam Montana] sorry if I burst anyone’s bubble today.

[Adam Montana] .10 to $1 is realistic. $8 to $20 is not.

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 9-18-13 Chat

[Adam montana]
official chat NO KICKING

[Adam montana]
ok, good morning everyone! Unfortunately it looks like our normal chat provider has neglected to pay their electric bill and our chat is offline. 9:20 AM

[Adam montana]
Thankfully we have a backup plan, so we will still get to post the weekly update and Q&A session.
I’m just going to cut to the chase this morning and lay it out very briefly. There is no need to fluff anything up or spend a lot of time yacking about the current situation in Iraq… it’s actually very simple right now.

[Adam Montana] First, there is a LOT of news about Iraq joining the WTO. This is great, but there are two things to consider here.

[Adam Montana] 1. A bunch of the “gurus” are saying that Iraq must have a currency with a higher value in order to be accepted. Some are saying that they can’t RV until they are accepted. And others are saying they must RV before they are accepted. None of that is true – there is no “mandatory” currency value for joining the WTO…. HOWEVER, there is ONE little tidbit that most people haven’t caught.

[Adam Montana] In order for Iraq to be accepted into the WTO, they have to be approved by the current members of the WTO. In this approval process, they MAY impose certain requirements. These “requirements” are not specifically explained, which gives the members of the WTO the ability to make these “requirements” whatever they want… and they COULD tell Iraq that they aren’t going to approve their application until they raise the value, or even something else

like concluding the HCL.

[Adam Montana] 2. Although getting into the WTO isn’t a requirement for raising the value of their currency, a WTO membership will look VERY good for Iraq, enhancing their ability to raise and maintain the value of their currency.
Conclusion? This WTO talk is GREAT for us, it’s exactly what we want to hear.

[Adam Montana] In addition to that, the “tempo” of news regarding the HCL has been increasing and in my opinion getting more substantial.

[Adam Montana] These two things – the HCL and the WTO – are good indicators that things are picking up speed again. I won’t be giving any estimate of how much speed they are picking up, so you won’t get a date or rate from me today… but things are going in the right direction. Buckle up, kids! :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] And on that note, I’ll take the weekly questions. We have a short list this week (All duplicates were removed, as well as some of the WTO related questions simply because I covered it above)

[Adam Montana] Fire away!

[KCW] cooked Forgive me if I’ve missed this before. Do you honestly believe that Iraq can make dramatic changes in their economy with the growing violence?

[Adam Montana] Good morning cooked, no need to apologize. I don’t think the violence in Iraq is “growing” as much as you seem to think. Newspapers and TV are able to sell more ads (make more money) with negative news than with positive, so of course they will focus on the negative… but I truly believe Iraq is making more positive progress than some outlets will let you believe. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[KCW] HBO Hi Adam. I’ve read some news about Iraq is near to WTO full membership. In your opinion, how important this WTO membership for Iraq to RV their currency? Are they related? Or this WTO news is nowhere near for Iraq to RV their currency? Thanks and have a good day.

[Adam Montana] Hi HBO. I think I covered that in my opening summary.

[Adam Montana] next Please!

[KCW] HOPEFULONE Hi, Adam. This is my first question since I’ve joined. I just saw the article about Kuwait adopting a new plastic-based currency, primarily saying that it will be more durable as the main reason and following other countries who are planning to do the same. In your opinion, do you think there may be more to it and will there be have any impact on any Iraqi RV plans? Thanks in advance.

[Adam Montana] HOPEFULONE, thanks for the question… I had to think about that one for a bit before deciding on my response.

[Adam Montana] If you’ve been around long enough, you might have heard talk of a single currency in the Middle East – where Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, etc would all use the same currency. Until that happens, I don’t think anything Kuwait does with it’s currency will have a major impact on the value of Iraq’s currency. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next Please!

[KCW] chess ADAM: Seems like all 3 sects would greatly benefit from a RV. HCL not withstanding. Which one, in your opinion, would be tending to hold it up, and why?……thanks

[Adam Montana] chess, I agree – all parties involved WILL benefit from an RV! I have to go back to the HCL on this one – the Hydro Carbon Law is what is holding us up. Until they find a middle ground on oil revenue, “who gets what”, they will not raise the value. They want to know who is getting what out of the increased value!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[KCW] PrettyKitty hey Adam: I noticed that you don’t talk much about VND. Do you think it will RV soon, even if not in the “basket”, or do you just not have any interest in the VND? Thank you, have a great day.

[Adam Montana] (dang kids)

[Adam Montana] Hi PK, thanks for the question. I don’t believe the VND has as much potential as the IQD. I think it is going to increase in value, so I have some… but they don’t have the same resources as Iraq.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[KCW] Candy01 Hi Adam, There is a “meeting of Honor” coming up this Thursday, 8/19. Do you think this is the long-awaited National Meeting? How will this impact the RV?

Thanks Much as always!!

[Adam Montana] Hi Candy – I apologize, but I have not done a ton of research on this particular meeting. I’ll have to plead the 5th on this one.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[KCW] fred5688 It sounds like they are working on hcl. If so when would they vote on this. Do you think this will happen this year. Just your opinion, Thanks for all you are doing

[Adam Montana] Hey Fred! I agree with you, it does look like progress is being made on the HCL. I don’t think we will get a huge advance notice on when they will vote, just like we didn’t get a ton of notice on Chapter 7… but I do think there is time yet this year. We will see.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[KCW] PrettyKitty adam, I didn’t know if I could ask a second question: if so, with this new oversea’s banking laws that keep popping up, making people close their accounts, and some do not even want americans, will this effect us that are still looking at Belize? thank you again.

[Adam Montana] The overseas banking landscape is always changing. At this time, we are still safe with our VIP/OSI banking strategies. :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] That was it for this week! I hope to see the chatroom come back online soon(LY), but if it doesn’t I will come up with a solution. Thank you all for understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Have a great day!


[KCW] kicked Adam 😆

[VIZIOIRAQI]Adding to the WTO section Iraq’s banking must be matched with everyone in the WTO on there Banking regulations their banking must be up to par with the rest of the countries in the WTO for Security reasons the system has to be safe and trusted . Iraq is not in the Forex for that very reason there regulations leave room for scandals and people losing there money. If Iraq indeed makes it in the WTO you will then see them soon after on Forex.!

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 9-11-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] Good morning gang!

[Adam Montana] I want to say one thing before I get going on this week’s chat…

[Adam Montana] there are two words that always stick with me, especially around this time of year….
[Adam Montana] Never.
[Adam Montana] Forget.

[Adam Montana] Just like all of you, I remember exactly where I was when I saw the footage of those planes going into the towers… and I remember exactly how it made me feel then… and I still feel that pain.

[Adam Montana] We lost so many good people on that day. So many lives were affected by that senseless action… I will NEVER forget, nor will I lose my resolve to always stand up for my friends, family, neighbors, and countrymen.

[Adam Montana] So that’s how I will start this chat today on 9/11/2013… by remembering those that died, by thanking those that serve, and promising to never forget.

Topic: Official Chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] The situation in Syria seems to be coming to a close… I find it mildly amusing that our POTUS has pretty much NO support for going to war, and now our “ally” Putin has stepped in, giving Obama a free pass…

[Adam Montana] This is probably good for us, because as the year comes closer to a close, we can expect certain things to start ramping up. One of which should hopefully be a revaluation on the dinar!

[Adam Montana] There is a lot of commotion out there right now on Turki… reports and rumors of him resigning. I’m getting a ton of emails on this subject, so I did a little digging. At this time, it appears that the TRUTH is Turki is still in, and has no immediate intentions of leaving… but then again, this also has the look and feel of a “power play”. It’s possible that he is playing games with Maliki in order to push an agenda forward, and hopefully his agenda is to raise the value of the Dinar

[Adam Montana] We will address that a little more during the Q&A

[Adam Montana] speaking of which, we might as well get into it!
[Adam Montana] Saint, if you please
[Saint] Desert Medic Hello Adam and DV, ive never asked any questions here, so I wont start now. Thanks for everything. I get all the info I need from you and your site. you guys/galls are the best.

[Adam Montana] DM, thanks for the post. You are welcome :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] wizard1 Hi Adam, I have been a member for a number of years but don’t usually post any comments but I need to address the RV. That beeing said it is my opinion (and I hope I am Wrong) that the obvious is being avoided. If a country can run on the value of the VND then why can’t the same apply to Iraq, after all they have been existing using basically the same rate for many years and have been prospering financially. The other obvious and this has been said numerous times by officals of the Iraqi bank and government, that any RV should happen only at the start of a new year. So seeing that we are so close to 2014 it might be the magic number.

[Adam Montana] hey wizard, thanks for the post. We are on the same page here – I don’t think it’s fair to compare the VND to the IQD as “apples to apples” – the IQD is backed by a lot more than the VND, so they should be treated as completely separate things, which they are.

[Adam Montana] I’ve said many times that I like the chances for both currencies, but I don’t think they are directly connected.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] HBO Like China,their currency is way under valued. This is due to all the exports and very little imports. This is where they get their money and they can and do, keep the value low. The more a country holds US $’s the more their currency will be worth, the less they have the less it’s worth. He stated that Iraq does not need to increase the value of their currency due to all the oil they have. They don’t need to increase the value of their money, they get their money from the oil. Not exports. Is it possible?

[Adam Montana] China’s money is undervalued for a completely different reason – China is acting as a lender to the US and they are making money on our debt. Iraq is completely different – they are indebted to us and they would benefit by raising the value of their currency.
[Adam Montana]

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Magdalen Dear Adam, Thanks for all you do. Did Turki resign or not? If he did, how do think this impacts the timing of the RV?

[Adam Montana] From what I’ve heard from my sources, Turki has not officially left. I don’t know what will happen over the next couple days though.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] ChuckFinley Adam, k98nights posted this article (see below). Based on your insight do you think we are still on track for a revaluation, at say .10, across old and new notes, does this now become a bunny-ear or some other combination? Thanks to you and your staff.

[Adam Montana] The article in question was one that talked about removing the 000’s… we see these all the time. I have decided that I am not going to give any of them a lot of weight. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] vietnam1969 Hello Adam, staff and mods. With Obama trying his darndest to convince everyone that Syria needs to be bombed, what are your thoughts about this happening and the aftermath of the repercussions this will bring to the American people as well as the foreigners presently doing business in Iraq? This could possibly stir up more serious situations for Iraq and the fact that it could hamper the elections or even postpone them. This would not be good IMO for the RV. Any comments would be appreciated on this matter. Thanks.

[Adam Montana] Good morning sir :tiphat: I addressed this item in my opening statements… I don’t think we are going to go forward with any action against Syria. The POTUS does not have the support he needs, and Putin has given him a way out, so I think we are going to just see this one fade away.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] frankyb25 Hello Adam, I was wondering if there is a preference when it comes to buying dinar. Uncirculated currency vs circulated currency? I noticed uncirculated currency is more expensive. How about large denominations like $25,000 compared to smaller denomination?

[Adam Montana] Great question! I personally believe that uncirculated 25k notes are the best bet. They are cheaper and are very likely to have to same post-RV value as any other denomination.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] wildeman Hello Adam, due to finances I have always chosen paying for the 3 month VIP membership. Is this not an option any longer?

[Adam Montana] it should be, but I’ll be blunt – I haven’t put a lot of time into the “renewal” system… it’s always been my hope that we won’t need to use it much longer!

[Adam Montana] If you are having any issues, just send an email to VIP and one of my staff will help you out. :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please!!
[Saint] DinarThug Yo Adam, Any Truth To The Rumor (Probably Started By Some Clown) That The US Plans On Pressuring Maliki Into Initiating The RV By Sending In Some Burly And Intimidating Looking Special Agent Biker Dude – Whose Name CNN Cannot Possibly Reveal, However, His Initials Are Bumper !

[Adam Montana] That is not a rumor at all, it is 100% fact. Cheers!

[Adam Montana] 😆

[Adam Montana] Thats it for this week! thank you all for tuning in, and with any luck I’ll be back before next Wednesday with news. Have a great day, and GOOOOO RRRVVVVVV!!!!

[Adam Montana] open floor

[Adam Montana] wood1521 I can’t promise anything other than my commitment to you as my DV family

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 9-4-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] morning everyone!

[Adam Montana] the song was way too short

[Adam Montana] ok let’s do our weekly chat!

Topic: official chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] A few weeks back I did kind of a history lesson…. well, this week is going to be on Geography, and how the surrounding countries affect Iraq

[Adam Montana] To preface this lesson, we have to realize that in order for Iraq to make any significant change in their currency value, they need to be able to back it up. Since the majority of Iraq’s economy (business) is based on Oil, they must have means to sell their product in order to maintain their business

[Adam Montana] no ability to sell oil = no ability to maintain value on currency

[Adam Montana] Iraq can’t simply produce oil and call themselves rich… they must put that oil in the hands of buyers and collect payment for it

[Adam Montana] Enter Syria… a country very much in the news right now, and a country which happens to occupy a significant amount of Iraq’s border

[Adam Montana] I’m going to come right out and say it like it is – Syria COULD become a roadblock for a potential RV, but in my opinion ONLY if the situation turns into a MAJOR war

[Adam Montana] the good news is twofold…

[Adam Montana] ONE, Syria doesn’t have the kind of allies necessary for a “war” to become a major issue. Whatever happens here, however the situation plays out, I expect things to be contained and fairly swift. If things get out of control, their could be an effect on the HCL and delay things for a few months. But that brings me to

[Adam Montana] TWO, the majority of Iraq’s export paths do not go too close to Syria. The Mosul-Haifa pipeline runs along the Syrian border for a bit on it’s way through Jordan and Israel out to the Mediterranean… but it is pretty secure and at this time there is no threat to it.

[Adam Montana] More important than that pipeline is the Al-Faw Peninsula, which is way on the other side of Iraq, to the Persian Gulf

[Adam Montana] To my knowledge, the oil produced there is sent towards the Gulf of Suez into the Suez Channel, which transports about 800,000 barrels of oil per day. That channel runs right through Egypt… and it gets even better

[Adam Montana] (If these places are unfamiliar to you, I highly reccomend a search on Google Maps! You’ll be glad you did!)

[Adam Montana] Remember about 2 years ago, the chaos in Egypt? When everyone was worried that the whole Middle East was going to fall apart?

[Adam Montana] Well, it didn’t… and crazily enough, Iraq’s exports during that crisis (and going straight though Egypt) were the HIGHEST they have been in recent years!

[Adam Montana] What’s all this tell us? Well, it tells ME that I don’t have to worry about Syria other than how it might affect the HCL’s TIMELINE… nothing else.

[Adam Montana] Now if you look at the news this last week…. you’ll see a trend.

[Adam Montana] In SPITE of the situation in Syria, Iraq is STILL moving forward politically and is STILL standing as strong as before, and getting stronger

[Adam Montana] I expect the currency to do the same. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] Ok, that’s it for my weekly summary! Sorry if the Geography was hard to understand, this is one of the topics that I think everyone needs to spend a little time researching on their own to truly understand how Iraq fits in and is affected by their neighbors. I hope you do

[Adam Montana] kcw, I would be honored if you could present me with the first question!
[kcw] Candy01 Hello Adam, I am sorry if this question has been asked before. Do you think it is required for Shabibi to come back in order for the RV to finally happen?? It does seem like we are looking at the RV in the fall. Do you agree with this? Have you heard anything on the HCL? Thanks much as always!!

[Adam Montana] Hi Candy, thanks for the question. No real big movement on the HCL this week, and I don’t think Shabibi is a major factor for us anymore.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] yaker If Iraq is producing oil, without the HCL in place, how are the profits being shared? Anf if they are being shared why do you think the RV cannot happen without the HCL in place? As always thanks for everything you and your staff do to keep us grounded!

[Adam Montana] yaker that’s a great question. In fact, I think it was about 6 weeks ago that we heard about companies doing deals “under the table” BECAUSE the HCL isn’t passed yet. When that happens, one side or the other loses out… and I think it’s more incentive for them to come to an agreement!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Rusty69 Hi Adam, do you believen we will only have 30 days for currency exchange ?

[Adam Montana] Rusty, I don’t think a 30 day window would be adequate, and to my knowledge 90 days is the shortest window ever given.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] Heavyduty053 Adam, a question was asked of me the other day and i got to thinking i would like to know the answer my self…..question is this…..The auctions says that the total of US funds listed in each auction is like 190 million plus dollars at 1166 dinar…..are they selling their dinars for dollars or dollars for dinar. They only had like something like 29 billion dinar printed. IF that is so they have went passed that amount a long time ago. If they are taking i dollars what are they going to do with them….Help us understand which way they are doing this and buy what reason do you think that is…….Thanks for you input….

[Adam Montana] Hi Heavy (I can’t read your name without singing in my head: “he aint heavy…. he’s my brother…”)
[Adam Montana] 😆

[Adam Montana] but to answer the question, the CBI won’t “sell out” of Dinars because they are a “market Maker” – they are controlling the market with their auctions, not simply selling out their personal supply.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] sketch8803 hi adam, let say IQD became tradeable currency and RV’d to 1:1, do you think banks will embrace this and accept exchanges considering the stability of IQD? Is it possible to have 1:1 (just an example) and suddenly drop its value? Thanks

[Adam Montana] I agree with BOTH. I think the banks will embrace it, because there is money to be made…. and it could indeed drop it’s value again. This is exactly why I will not commit to cashing out at a certain value or holding out for a certain value either

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] Maja1962 Adam, Greatly appreciate what you are doing with DV. Thanks to your efforts, I’ve been able to VIP/OSI in anticipation of the RV/RI. One thing I’ve not seen addressed and would be interested in your perspective. Say the IQD comes out at .10 or .89 or 1.16, and will be set to float (free or controlled, doesn’t matter). Once the currency is internationally recognized and traded, what would prevent us from depositing the IQD offshore as IQD instead of CE in USD? Wouldn’t that allow taking advantage of the float while preserving the value of the IQD? Once it peaks, you could then CE into your offshore or onshore account in USD (all or in part). Your thoughts would be appreciated.

[Adam Montana] That’s a great question with a simple answer – the BANKS are the only thing that would prevent us. We don’t know which banks will or won’t engage in trading it, as it will be done on a “bank by bank” basis. In fact, it is actually that way currently! There is no law that says banks can’t take Dinar – most of them just choose not to.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] dinarling00 I am very interested in this VIP opportunity especially in respect to post RV. Pardon my frankness, but I like to find out as much as I can about what I’m getting into before I make the plunge. I have read some very unflattering articles on the internet about you…

[Adam Montana] dinarling I don’t know what to say… when you’re in a position like mine, people will always have something good or bad to say about you :shrug:

[Adam Montana] What I would suggest is not paying attention to people off this site. You have probably noticed that none of them actually say “yeah he ripped me off” – they just hate for the sake of negativity.

[Adam Montana] If you want to know what the people who KNOW me say about me, go to the opinions section here on 7869876, and find that pinned topic that says “Thank you Adam”. You will find the opinions of actual VIP members

[Adam Montana] or heck… post a new thread, ask the current VIP and OSI members what they think of me, how I have treated them, and if they think I am a person of integrity or not. I’m sure you will get honest feedback that way, as opposed to other sites who have their own agendas.
[Adam Montana] :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] thais1173 Hi Adam Do you have new information on the federal reserve and is marshal law going to be impemented in the U. S? there are a few sites talking about these topics happening soon, I am not pacnicking about it, Only want to be prepared

[Adam Montana] Welll… I don’t think marshal law is imminent, so I’d be careful of what you read on sites that are doing the chicken little dance :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] vanilla wafer Hello Adam and Dinar Family: I have been part of the dinar family for about 9 years and I was hoping this ride was coming to an end. However, with all the info coming in from (guru sites), it appears that the rv …

[Adam Montana] I think that’s a great place to end this chat… my friends, if I can give you one bit of advice… stay away from the guru sites. Those people will make your life a roller coaster, and it’s not fun for anyone. Stick around here where we keep it real.

[Adam Montana] Cheers everyone! That’s it for today, I will be in touch with anything big!
[Adam Montana] :tiphat:

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 8-28-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] morning everyone!

[Adam Montana] I’m going bold and we’ll hop into our weekly chat now
[Adam Montana] Saint be safe

[Adam Montana] official chat starts now
Topic: official chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] Morning everyone! I know a lot of us are getting back into the “winter routine” with kids going back to school and preparing for the winter months

[Adam Montana] Every year around this time – right after Ramadan – we always seem to hit a “lull” in news…. and this year is apparently no different

[Adam Montana] over the last week, I’ve only seen one really noteworthy topic show up with consistency

[Adam Montana] The only thing to really report on this week is the articles on improving the value

[Adam Montana] I don’t really think the CBI is going to submit to any pressure, but just the same – it looks like they are trying to put it on them

[Adam Montana] The Iraqi people want the CBI to take serious action on increasing the value… and I’m looking forward to seeing how the CBI responds

[Adam Montana] But like I said…. not much to report today. We will see how things go over the next week or two
[Adam Montana] Let ‘s just get into the questions for the week then!

[kcw] mnfarm Adam, How can there be an RV without the HCL being completed? Won’t that have an effect on the rate?

[Adam Montana] mnfarm I don’t think there will be one without the HCL. I know there’s a lot of people that disagree, but I think the HCL is a very big deal. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] Russell M Adam, two questions plz : 1-some years ago wasn’t our Country’s finances put under observation. ByIMF? somewhere around the time of major debt and CREDIT Ratings dropping? Second- There is murmers of our money value being “reset” possibly… Can you enlighten Us on how and if this would affect our investment AND if you have knowledge Of such info. Thanks

[Adam Montana] Hi Russell, good questions. I don’t want to turn my weekly chats into Obama bashing sessions, so I won’t focus too heavily on your #1 question… but I’ll answer with this:

[Adam Montana] There is no way to spend your way to prosperity. It takes hard work and sacrifices to turn an economy around, and our government has not done a good job at all. Our credit rating and the declining value of the dollar are proof positive of that.

[Adam Montana] regarding the “murmers” of our money resetting (I assume you are talking USD), I don’t see it happening. I do see our money continuing to decline on a very predictable path.

[Adam Montana] How does this affect the situation in Iraq? It doesn’t have a huge impact. The fall of our currency is based on poor fiscal policy, whereas IRaq’s potential to increase is based on their assets (natural gas and oil) and their solid fiscal operations. In my opinion, the CBI is doing a great job of maintaining their value, and if they decide to crank up the value they will do a great job of maintaining the higher value. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] RPMAC Adam, it has been a while since I’ve written, I mainly review, especially your Wednesday Chats; and I thank you for being so informative on the DV. My question (more of your opinion) is with Maliki planning to go into joint ventures with India, and the number of Iraqi’s fleeing Syria into Iraq, you would think with these additional financial challenges facing Iraq he would be positioning to RV. Do you think this is more of his plan to be involved in a number of issues and as you stated last week to gain strength in order to overturn term limits approved by the Iraqi Parliament, but still with the idea of an RV, or is he doing like Saddam did under sanctions, cutting back door deals to line his pockets, without intentions of an RV? Your opinion Sir. Thank you and go RV. RPMAC

[Adam Montana] RPMAC, it makes sense to me that BOTH could be happening… lining pockets now, with the intent to RV shortly

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] thylocene Hi Adam, I have been here a couple of years and as an outsider looking in, the HCL should have happened by now. Do you have any insight as to why it hasn’t happened yet

[Adam Montana] It took a good decade to get Chapter 7 done, and I think it would be foolish of us to think HCL can be done in weeks… it could be done tomorrow, but it might take another year or two. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] Kaduku Mr. Montana, I have read some rumor that Iraq must be in and/or be a part of Article VIII in order for their currency to be recognized internationally before they can RV, what truth if any does this rumor have? Thank you very much!

[Adam Montana] Kadaku, watch out for rumors! They will ruin your week every single time.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] yaker Hello Adam, Do you feel the potential Syrian conflict will have an effect on the RV? Thanks for all that you do!!!!

[Adam Montana] Hey Yaker, I am confident saying that Syria is far enough removed from Iraq that we don’t have to place too much emphasis on that. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] CDS396 Good Morning Adam my question is about the CBI. Why do you think the the rate at the CBI never ever changes with all that has happen in the last month or two you would think that it would up or down at least sometime. Anyway Thanks for all the hard work I know that you put in the DV. Have a Great Day

[Adam Montana] CD, thank you for that question!

[Adam Montana] My answer is actually one of the biggest reasons I have for sticking this thing out… if the CBI can successfully maintain the current rate for so long, don’t we have to acknowledge that they are in FULL control of the rate? And if that’s the case, don’t we also have to admit that if they raise the rate, they will be able to control it even at the higher rate?

[Adam Montana] My point is that the CBI is in full control of the rate, and if they decide to move it up – then they will move it up. Bada bing, pow, DONE.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] sorry that was the last one

[Adam Montana] well if that was the last one, thank you all for tuning in! With any luck things will start picking up again shortly… but for now we
[Adam Montana] are in the “hurry up and wait” boat.

[Adam Montana] cheers everyone!

[Adam Montana] ok everyone I’m out for now, have a good day!

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 8-21-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] Saint kcw does that stuff on purpose. I bet she was putting a bucket of water over it or something tricky like that!

[Adam Montana] ok, great! If you guys are ready I’ll jump right into this… today’s chat should be interesting

[Adam Montana] ok official chat in progress
[Adam Montana] I just realized this morning that it’s been a while since I did a broader overview of Iraq and the situation there, and more specifically… how we got to where we are today

[Adam Montana] We spend a lot of time looking at the articles and the news, but sometimes it is helpful to step back and look at the big picture

[Adam Montana] first, way back when Saddam was in power… Iraq had a very strong currency. Some say it was artifically inflated, but SO WHAT – they were getting over $3 for it, so the “why” or “how” it was over $3 is irrelevant.

[Adam Montana] Then Saddam was taken out for crimes against humanity – I don’t think anyone will argue that point, he was a horrible man – and the country fell into chaos, the value of the dinar plunged to a dismal rate, and the Iraqi people LOST a great amount of wealth basically overnight.

[Adam Montana] I’ll sidetrack here for a second… if it is possible for that value to be LOST in the blink of an eye, based on the world’s lost faith in Iraq… then I contend it is reasonable that the same wealth could be REGAINED in a blink of an eye as well, based on a renewed faith in Iraq. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] now fast forward to the present day. The value of the Iraqi dinar has climbed to double the rate it fell to, which is awesome. I believe the trend is continuing upwards, but “how fast” depends on several things… Chapter 7, HCL, GOI, etc. I’ll get to those in a minute, just hang with me for a few more key points.

[Adam Montana] Prime Minister of Iraq has his share of critics, and he also has his share of allies. The current government of Iraq is broken down like this:

[Adam Montana] There are 3 parts: Chief of State (Talabani), Prime Minister (Maliki), and Parliament

[Adam Montana] Parliament elects the PM every 4 years, and just this year (January) Maliki’s opposition was able to put a law in place that prevents a PM from serving more than 2 terms…. which means that Maliki is on his way out.

[Adam Montana] HOWEVER! This is where it gets fun

[Adam Montana] Maliki is currently working on getting some big changes in Parliament… his ultimate goal is of course to retain his position, which would mean changing the law that was passed earlier this year

[Adam Montana] He does not currently have a great support with the current Parliament, so in order to get something that big done… can you imagine what he’s going to have to do to pull off a move this big?

[Adam Montana] Now let’s tie that in with some recent articles posted in the forums – for example, a member of Economic Commission states that Iraq has such a large reserve of oil and natural resources that they could basically control the world market, undercutting every other major producer.

[Adam Montana] If you all knew what is going on in the background here you’d understand why I just completely lost my train of thought 😆

[Adam Montana] mods… just this once, please post the entire transcript when we’re done… you guys are too funny today!

[Adam Montana] Ok, I’m just going to hope I did a decent job stumbling my way through the opening chat… and get to the questions

[Adam Montana] just so everyone reading this understands, the mods are allowed to post hidden comments in the background. I’m almost falling off my chair laughing here today 😀

[Adam Montana] let’s do the questions. Fire away 😀
[Saint] Dinar Buddy How is currency valued? Gold reserves? Is this the reason why we have not seen the IQD change?

[Adam Montana] Hi DB, thanks for the question The Iraqi currency is set by the CBI – basically, whatever the CBI says the value is – that’s what it is.

[Adam Montana] I know that might sound overly simple, but it literally IS that simple. If the CBI says they will pay .10 for the Dinar, then it’s worth .10. If they say they will pay $2 for it – the rate is $2.

[Adam Montana] And if Iraq would just pass the HCL, allowing them to kick their oil business into high gear, they should have NO PROBLEM generating the faith and revenue to kick their currency value up to at least $1. :twocents:
[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Hellifiknow Morning adam hope all is welk with you!! What promted the “friday” comment? And It took 10-12 years to remove the chpt. 7…HCL? Years? Months? Days?

[Saint] Will we be given a specific time frame to “cash in” or RV is 1:1 but I’ll wait till it’s 2:1-3:1 to cash in!! Please clear up for me the rumors I have heard about

[Adam Montana] Morning to you as well! The “Friday” comment wasn’t meant to be a prediction… I was just saying I’d be happy to see it that soon. Regarding the cash in timeframe, I wrote a short guide on that – see it here:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] labdog Dear Adam, I have been a follower of your post’s and VIP for quite a while and thank you for your comments on the Dinar. My question is regarding the possible RV. If the currency floated like all other internationally traded currencies to a higher value relative to other countries, which I believe will be the course, why would you think or propose a possible and immediate exchange rate or RV to $.10? This would be close to 1000% return on our investments. Do you really believe that the market manipulators will allow this to happen that quick?

[Adam Montana] hi labdog, I appreciate your question. What a lot of people don’t understand is that Iraq’s currency is based on two things – faith in the country and their resources (OIL). Iraq is really just a big business – if you have faith in Apple’s products, and Apple is able to supply enough iProducts, then Apple’s stock goes up. Same for Iraq – if the world believes Iraq is stable enough to invest in, and Iraq produces enough product (OIL), then Iraq’s “stock” will go up.

[Adam Montana] Now the other part of your question is regarding the market makers… will they “allow” it to go up? The thing to understand about that is there is only ONE market maker for the IQD – and that’s the CBI.

[Adam Montana] Hope that clears it up

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] stealthwarrior Good Morning Adam.I was wondering what your thoughts might be on how long the people of Iraq will wait for real change in thier life before they revolt against the government?They do know that thier country is rich in oil,gold,etc.

[Adam Montana] that’s a good question, but I don’t think it will take that long. We have some strong power struggles going right now – if Maliki isn’t able to pull Parliament to his side, he’s done with the Head of Government position, and the next PM will probably be the guy that says “Vote for me and we will RV” (HA! That rhymed! I better get royalties if that becomes the official campaign…)

[Adam Montana] I hope we aren’t waiting that long, but that’s how I see it happening if we DO have to wait that long.

[Adam Montana] The alternative, of course, is for Maliki to get the HCL approved, pull Parliament and the Iraqi people back to his side, and revoke the “2 term limit” law… which would be pretty easy to do if he were to become a real champion of the people. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Yukon Silvermoon I appreciate all the information you dish out for us DVers, Adam, but I’m just wondering something. Why do you think the HCL will be the final catalyst to get this thing off the ground?

[Adam Montana] The HCL is the last thing really keeping Iraq from boosting their ability to funciton as a well oiled business. Get HCL done, and the rest just falls into place. [Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] AJC Good day Adam, Been on a cruise all week in the Sunny Bahama’s. Was hoping to come home to a RV. CBI let me down again. Is it the HCL holding things up? Thanks for all you do for us on DV.

[Adam Montana] AJC I hope your cruise was good!

[Adam Montana] The HCL isn’t the “only” thing holding us up, but it’s definitely a key part

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Reelemfast Hey Old Man, (I mean Adam), sorry… How come out of All the Guru’s , Your the only one, that has been right about everything ???? I hope I get to smoke a Cigar with you some day. “Hey Dude”, I think your Kick Azz. God Bless you & your family Old Man,
[Saint] Ohhhh, I forgot sumpin. Hey Adam, if you ever would like to go shoot some Wild Pig’s ? I promise you a REALLY good time, with your Rifle or Gernade launcher, doe’nt matter it’s Legal. On private property anyway? Short drive, 5 to 6 min’s, to one of many feeders, that have timers, get out of the truck, load up baby, and let the party begin, it’s a lot of fun Adam, No cost to you Bro.. just have fun and you will do that, I promise you. Bring lot’s of ammo ???? Bring a friend or 2, we like to kill all of them? 50 cal. & a HOWA 1500 22-250 for the mile shots. It’s a lot of fun Adam. Old man,lol

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Reelemfast Hey Old Man, (I mean Adam), sorry… How come out of All the Guru’s , Your the only one, that has been right about everything ???? I hope I get to smoke a Cigar with you some day. “Hey Dude”, I think your Kick Azz. God Bless you & your family Old Man,
[Saint] Ohhhh, I forgot sumpin. Hey Adam, if you ever would like to go shoot some Wild Pig’s ? I promise you a REALLY good time, with your Rifle or Gernade launcher, doe’nt matter it’s Legal. On private property anyway? Short drive, 5 to 6 min’s, to one of many feeders, that have timers, get out of the truck, load up baby, and let the party begin, it’s a lot of fun Adam, No cost to you Bro.. just have fun and you will do that, I promise you. Bring lot’s of ammo ???? Bring a friend or 2, we like to kill all of them? 50 cal. & a HOWA 1500 22-250 for the mile shots. It’s a lot of fun Adam. Old man,lol
[Saint] I’m not joking around either.

[Adam Montana] lol! I’ll pass on the cigar but definitely look forward to pulling the trigger on one of those things!

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] pastorjoseph dear Adam, I recently made a purchase from (a dealer). I paid $235 to have 4 million Iraq dinar held for 45 days for me at current value. this money would be a 5% down payment and good for this time period. the end of this time period, I would need to send the other 95% or lose the initial investment… (*** edited *** post clipped and company name removed – please keep chat questions short thanks! *** edited***)

[Adam Montana] Hi pastorjoseph, thanks for the post. It sounds like you bought into a “reserve” type of program… I am strongly against any of those programs. I think people should only buy what they can afford to lose, and the Reserve programs are pretty much the opposite of that.

[Adam Montana] Regarding the specific dealer you mentioned, I have never done business with them so I don’t have any comment.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] waitingondinar Hi Adam, I am sure everyone thought Zebari was in Washington last week to discuss the RV. No, he was there to seek help from Washington In the form of Boeing Apache helicopters. Washington politicians are hesitant because Iraq has not prevented Iran from using their air space in transporting weapons to Syria. This is a tricky request. Malaki is planning to meet with the US in September. Do you think this is what is holding up the RV. Malaki is holding the RV up to see what the US does????? Things were moving at a good clip to get Iraq out of Chapter 7. Bills were signed with lightning speed. We are stuck again. Do you have any new info to provide us? Thanks

[Adam Montana] You know… this post makes me think of something kind of on a tangent. IF the US does have anything to do with Iraq taking it’s sweet time to RV, it may be due to the fact that most countries are implementing FATCA (reporting requirements for foreign banks) by 2014. There’s something to [Adam Montana] Francie keep that positive attitude! You have to smile and enjoy life! :twothumbs:

think about…. thanks for the question/comment.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Francie26 I really can’t help it. But I think it will happen any day now. But my family calls me the “eternal optimist.”

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Candy01 Adam, Do you have any info on whether the Federation Council passed in Parliament today?? Thanks for all you do!

[Adam Montana] I do not believe it was.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] millionaire in training Thank you to Adam and all the Mods for all the GREAT work you all do for us. It is very much appreciated. And a special congrats to Caye98 for making it into the Mod Squad . Very well deserved and a great asset to DV family. Together till the end……….MIT

[Adam Montana] MIT, thanks for the nice post! I agree with you – Caye has proven to be a great addition to the team. Pretty good with a mop bucket too! 😀

[Adam Montana] ok, that’s it for today! Not a lot about HCL this past week, mostly just political struggles… but if we learned anything from Chapter 7 recently, it’s this:

[Adam Montana] Iraq tends to plod along at a snails pace, and then when they are ready to make it happen they surprise us! I’m looking forward to seeing them ramp up HCL, and I think Maliki has a pretty strong incentive right now to do that

[Adam Montana] Have a great day, and GOOO HCL!!!!!
[Adam Montana] open floor

[Adam Montana] Seriously… I almost fell off my chair. You guys are nuts 😀

[Adam Montana] haaha 😀
[kcw] Adam Montana maybe next week you’ll give us a heads up

[Adam Montana] ok everyone, I’m outta here! Have a great day, I’ll see you in the VIP section if you’re in there

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam 8-14-13 Chat

[Adam Montana] Gooooood morning!

[Adam Montana] Happy Man – I would love to bring EXCELLENT news, but so far today it’s not making itself available to us. The GOOD news is only that there is no bad news

[Adam Montana] I’m going to be completely candid with you all this morning – there’s really nothing to report. I was hoping, like everyone else, to see Iraq come out of Ramadan with guns blazing (maybe that’s a bad choice of words

[Adam Montana] but that obviously didn’t happen. All week long I’ve been poking people in Iraq with phone calls and emails, I’ve been scouring the news, but there really is nothing spectacular to report. :shrug:

[Adam Montana] If I have to give you something positive, it would be this:

[Adam Montana] Even though nothing tremendous has been announced, we do not have any reason to get sour on the Dinar – nothing has gone backwards, they are still pointed in the direction we want, and really… who among us thinks Iraq EVER does anything on a timeline that we think is appropriate? Not me! 😆

[Adam Montana] And also, it’s WEDNESDAY! Halfway to the weekend, babies! 😆 So with that all said, let’s go ahead and get into the questions

[Saint] Candy01 Hi Adam, IF there is a float of the Dinar after RV, how long do you think it would take to get from where it is now, 1166, to say, a nickel or a dime? How long to a dollar?? As always, thanks much!!

[Adam Montana] Hi Candy, that’s a good question! My answer is longer than what would be appropriate for this morning’s chat, but I can give you a link:
[Adam Montana] :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] roseserv Hello Adam, First I want to thank you for all that you do here! I was wondering if you could clarify the “deletion of zeros” theory/prediction/rumour/BS. I see two possible processes for this. 1. Some how delete zeros from the currency. If they delete 3 zeros then a 25k Dinar note becomes 25 Dinars; Delete 2 zeros and 25k becomes 250; Delete 1 zero and 25k becomes 2,500.. Of course with this there will have to be a “new” currency issued to reflect the actual value. (This is why i think a new currency had not been printed since they don’t know the value of the Dinar yet) 2. Delete zeros from the exchange rate. The rate now is (est.) 0.0009 : 1 ($ to Dinar). If they delete 3 zeros from this then the rate becomes 0.9 : 1 . Essentially making it close to 1:1, like so many think it will be from the start. If they delete 2 zeros then the rate becomes 0.09 : 1. Essentially making it close to your (possible) prediction of 0.10 : 1 or 1 Dinar is equal to 10 cents. With this, the old currency can be used and a new currency added at the same time to reflect the value of the Dinar. I know you can’t say for sure, but could you give a “best guess” as to what would realy happen? Is it realy all about deleting the zeros? I beleive there is far more to it then being that simple… but!! After they figure out the estimated value of the currency, could it be that simple? Delete the zeros and done?

[Adam Montana] hi roseserv, thanks for the question. I did address exactly this in my book “RV Intel” ( ) and also in the link I gave in my previous response (above), so I’m not going to get too deep into it… but I do want to address your thoughts on the currency being printed or not without knowing the RV rate.

[Adam Montana] First, I am of the opinion that the CBI is FULLY aware of what the final rate will be – so if they decided to print the currency 5 years ago but have simply been waiting for, example, Chpater 7 and the HCL – there is no problem there.

[Adam Montana] And second, there is no reason to print new currency without a drastic change in either the rate of the exchange OR a significant change in monetary policy. For a small change in the value (like moving to 1000:1), the current notes and denominations will work just fine

[Adam Montana] Good question! Next please!
[Saint] millionaire in training Hi Adam, Realistically how long does it take for them to process a law, HCL to be exact ? From agreeing to it, signing off on it , to announcing it ? Thanks, MIT.

[Adam Montana] MIT, that’s a tough question… the answer? Days OR years OR decades. A great example is Chapter 7. They talked about it off and on for years, but when it came time to make it a reality – it happened quickly and took some people off gaurd. I expect to see the same with the HCL. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] fred5688 Hello Adam I’ve been in this for a long time. All the guru”s are a joke. You seem to be a straight shooter. Just off the top of your head, how much longer could this go on? I know i have to be patient. Thank you for anything you could add.

[Adam Montana] Hopefully no longer than this Friday. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 😆

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] eburt Hello Adam and Mods – Thank you for all that you do – Questions – Were do we stand with HCL? It seems like every time IRAQ reaching one milestone something else comes up with the reason the RV have not occurred. With that said is the HCL the last milestone they have to reach before and RV? Lots of GURU’s seems to think they can RV when ever they feel like it and rummored that IMF will force IRAQ to RV…I am like many others – Very Very tired of this ride and getting somewhat concerned rather the Dinar will ever RV!! Thanks Again for all of your help and support.

[Adam Montana] I do believe the HCL will be the final catalyst. How much longer? Same as my last answer. :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] BKD Adam, what is Article VIII and what does this article have to do with an RV? Thanks.

[Adam Montana] BKD I apologize, I didn’t get a chance to refresh my memory on that one. I do know it’s in my book though. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[Saint] EMPHATIK Hello Adam and thanks for having this forum site up and running. My question is can you explain the Currency Auction that happens daily on the CBI site? …

[Adam Montana] Sure thing. The CBI holds daily auctions in order to control the market. They are a “market maker”, and as such they control the exchange rate (or value) of the Dinar.

[Adam Montana] It’s really that simple.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] NOMOBULL Hi, Adam: Now that Ramadan is over and there hasn’t been an RV, what do you see as the next window of opportunity for us?

[Adam Montana] See my answer above.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] DINARSTUPID Hi Adam, I understand that the VND is totally seperate from the Dinar….Then VND is and always has been trading…..1. what is holding the VND from resetting if it has nothing to do with the Dinar? I would think that thier country would be pushing for the reset of the value to go ahead so they can start rebuilding also. 2. Is the world gonna hold out and wait on the Dinar to RV before resetting vaules of other currencies?

[Adam Montana] Hi DS, thanks for the question. I think the VND has less of an “explosive” potential than the Iraqi Dinar, so I don’t pay much attention to it – I do have some, but I don’t think it’s tied that close to the Dinar. Let’s all be honest with ourselves – as much potential as the Dinar has, and even the VND, there are some “rumors” out there that are probably created by dealers in order to boost sales.

[Adam Montana] A lot of the dealers that sell dinar also sell VND. :shrug:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] saradise Hi Adam, …What are your thoughts on the article about the “adoption of a bill reset currency” and why do you think Iraq is giving out so much information? Thanks for everything!! Your opinion is always very much respected and appreciated!!

[Adam Montana] hi Saradise, I think this is just a continuation of what they’ve been saying all along… it’s not really anything new. We know that they want to have a higher valued currency and it’s probably a little embarassing to have notes with a 25,000 on them – it’s in their faces every day! Being a prideful people, they want to return the value and the wealth to their people even more than we would love to see it happen. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] ladyjane Hi Adam, I also want to say thanks for everything …you are the voice of reason. My question involves FOREX. Have you seen or heard of any interest by Forex in recognizing the IQD ?

[Adam Montana] Nothing tangible, but I think it stands to reason that once the value is raised, people are more actively trading it and viewing it as a viable currency, it will make it’s way there as a natural process.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] dylham Hi Adam, Does your VIP package benefit people in different countries or just the USA? Im in Australia. Thanks & Regards

[Adam Montana] dylham, the answer is YES. No matter where you are, you can ask these two questions:

[Adam Montana] Actually, I just remembered there is a post in the forums that addresses this in greater detail

[Adam Montana] I can’t copy-paste into chat, but… you can find the post by going into the “Questions and Tech Support” section, then look for the post titled “Is VIP for Canadians (or any other nationality)”

[Adam Montana] Ok everyone! That was the last one for the day – I am going to keep poking and inquiring into news on the HCL, and I will keep you all up to date on anything I find out. Have a great day!

[Adam Montana] Thank you Saint!
[Saint] yw
Topic: open floor

[Adam Montana] open floor everyone – thanks for tuning in. Wish I had something more exciting to talk about, but it’s just been a quiet week for dinar news

Iraqi Dinar GuruAdam Montana 8-7-13 Chat (posted 8-8-13)

11:46 AM [Adam Montana] Morning! Official chat time, sorry if I’m interrupting any important conversations!
11:46 AM [kcw] Adam did you wear a hat this am?
11:47 AM [kcw] we have a flock of deer flying over head
11:47 AM [Adam Montana] I wear three hats at once.
Topic: official chat NO TYPING
11:47 AM [Adam Montana] ok everyone! Official chat time.
11:47 AM [Adam Montana] I’m going to give a very brief summary on the latest updates and then get right into the questions
11:48 AM [Adam Montana] Big items in the news this week… they are bringing tariff discussions up again. I am very happy to see this happening, and I’ll explain why.
11:50 AM [Adam Montana] First, a tariff is (in this case) a tax on imports or exports. We all know that with the average Iraqi living in poverty at this time, any extra taxes are going to be met with fierce opposition from the public – it would be political suicide for someone to fight FOR additional expenses on the Iraqi people without first making their situation better.
11:51 AM [Adam Montana] Additionally, with the average Iraqi living in poverty at this time, how much are they really going to gain with an extra tax? Their purchasing power is so low at this time that all the extra tax will do is make people angry! However, if there is a significant change in the value of the currency, and therefore a significant change in the purchasing power of the average Iraqi, then a new tariff can be accepted.
11:51 AM [Adam Montana] And let me just tie that all together with one final point…
11:52 AM [Adam Montana] The tariff they are discussing will affect ALL of Iraq… this includes Kurdistan. This is a tax that covers the ENTIRE region. You know what else affects the ENTIRE region? If you said “HCL”, please go to the front of the class!
11:54 AM [Adam Montana] Once we have an agreement on the HCL, and most likely at that time we will see the rate either spike or raise very rapidly, a new tax would be much easier to swallow. At this time, it will not work… but show me an RV, and there’s no problem.
11:55 AM [Adam Montana] Let’s see, what else is in the news… more talk of removing the 0’s, but that’s nothing new. More talk of raising the value, but that doesn’t necessarily mean “RV tomorrow” – we are just seeing that they are focused on moving forward. I like that – keep it up :twothumbs:
11:56 AM [Adam Montana] Sorry, lost connection.. I think I’m back
11:57 AM [Adam Montana] Ramadan is over tomorrow evening, which also means I’ll be closing VIP again… with any luck, we will see some movement shortly. Fingers crossed!
11:57 AM [Adam Montana] Ok, that’s all I have for now! It’s been pretty quiet during Ramadan, but I do like the HCL and tariff discussions. Saint, whenever you’re ready!
11:58 AM [Saint] one2one is the C.B.I. simply going to say ” we rv’d at the same rate as Kuwait “–do they need approval from the IMF–or anybody else ?
11:59 AM [Adam Montana] one2one actually – yes. When the CBI says “the rate is XYZ”, that means they are promising to buy the Iraqi Dinar for that rate. If they pay it – that’s what it’s worth. No IMF, UN, CC (Camel Committee), or any other approval necessary. :twocents:
11:59 AM [Adam Montana] next please!
11:59 AM [Saint] DINARSTUPID Adam, Do you think that the VND will be reset the same time frame as the RV on the Dinar?
12:01 PM [Adam Montana] hi DS, no – I really don’t think they are tied together that close. When the dinar RVs, it will do so because the Dinar is ready. The VND is it’s own currency with it’s own parameters.
12:01 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:01 PM [Saint] stealthwarrior Good Morning Adam,with what he have been reading about these high pensions and lawyer payouts at 400,000 to 1,000,000 dinar,then how could we see an rv at 1 to 1,or 3 to 1?these people would have been paid a small fortune in compensations.
12:04 PM [Adam Montana] I don’t think it will ever come out at 3:1, but 1:1 is a possibility. I think 1:0.10 is more plausible (see my thesis on the rv rate at ) but nonetheless… yes, there are some people that stand to make a LOT of money on an RV. Massive wealth is not unlikely for many Iraqis. Iraq sits on a majority of what is arguably the most valuable commodity on the planet! I’ve sat on planes a few rows back from Sheiks that had pens in their pocket worth 10’s of thousands of dollars, accompanied by people in clothes that made mine look like rags. It is not hard to imagine that some of them will indeed make billions on something this big. :twocents:
12:04 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:04 PM [Saint] kgreen With the US governments increasing willingness to look into our calls, emails and other communication, are those of us that log onto DV for updates, reading the Chats, etc.
12:05 PM [Adam Montana] I don’t see a question there, but I assume you are asking about your security or privacy here on DV? DV is a secure site on a dedicated server network, but I cannot control what happens between your computer and my servers. :shrug:
12:05 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:05 PM [Saint] jwds56 how is everyone ? What is this about something called the ki cards? I’m not understanding a lot about this rv. Can you enlighten me ?
12:07 PM [Adam Montana] jwds56 it sounds like you are a “newbie” here – You can spend hours and days reading and researching and getting confused… or you can just get my book. It’s free in the VIP section, or you can get it on 8769876 in the “Announcements” section.
12:07 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:07 PM [Saint] dylham Hi Adam, theres talk that there has being an In country RV with the smart cards and we’re just waiting on it to go International. Do you know anything about this.? Thanks in advance.
12:08 PM [Adam Montana] There has been no in-country RV. I have a standing agreement with several contacts in Iraq that will let me know the minute something like that happens. I have a standing commitment to you members to pass that information along as soon as it happens. In other words… if you didn’t hear it from me, it didn’t happen. :tiphat:
12:08 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:08 PM [Saint] Off-the-grid I still wonder if the trigger the CBI is waiting for is a prseset ratio of reserves to outstanding currency. IF they have a rate already in mind, rather than going to whatever they can afford when someone else says “Do it now!”, then this ratio would be important. It would not be the ONLY thing that is important (like HCL, and the projected oil production), but could this be a hold-up for the RV? I’m not sure knowing this will be helpful or not, but I value your opinion. On a relaterd note, is there a strong enough reason to be dollarizing so aggressively other than preparing to RV someday (vs bunny-ear)? Are these huge auctions necessary just to maintain the current exchange rate? Thanks
12:10 PM [Adam Montana] Hi off-the-grid, good question. It sounds like you have a ood handle on the economics and how the CBI’s role works, so I will just agree with you – YES, the CBI will definitely have to take their reserves and the amount of cash on the street into account before deciding on the rate. :twothumbs:
12:10 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:10 PM [Saint] johngrider Hi Adam, I’m sorry if, last week I seemed like I was saying that the value of the Dinar had changed. Let me clarify, this is a speculation, I think that GID Associates and I, think that 1).The value is going to go up soon, at the CBI, because of Chapter 7 ending and 2).The value is going up again soon, because of the end of Ramadan and the “Gift” to the people of Iraq, on the last day of Ramadan.When I quoted changes in the value of the Dinar, I was quoting the changes at GID Associates. They changed their price, just before Chapter 7 ended, at $25.00 USD to 1- $25,000. Dinar note, that is 1000/1 and on 7/22/2013, GID Associates again changed to $30.00 USD to 1- $25,000. Dinar note, that is 833.50/1. The misunderstanding is that they have changed in Iraq and they haven’t. GID Associates and I are just Very hopefully “Speculating”, nothing else. I’m just hopeful that the HCL isn’t going to affect the RV and that the “Gift” to the people of Iraq is very beneficial to the people of Iraq and a
12:10 PM [Adam Montana] Thanks for the clarification sir!
12:10 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
12:10 PM [Saint] MK1964 Hi Adam, one question according to your theory that IQD will revalue after lifting of Ch.7 and HCL approval. What if both terms are fulfilled and still not RV. Possible? How much sure are you that RV will follow Ch.7 and HCL??? Thanks on your opinion.
12:12 PM [Adam Montana] I’m not sure what you’re asking… is it possible that they will decide not to RV? Of course it’s “possible”, but it seems far more likely that they will either RV or at least continue to raise the value. In my opinion, the more progress they make… the more likely they are to raise the value in a much more significant manner.
12:12 PM [Adam Montana] Our time is coming, sooner and sooner all the time!
12:13 PM [Adam Montana] That’s it for this week – As always, I’ll be back with any major news. Otherwise I’ll see you next week. Have a great day!

Iraqi Dinar Guru7-31-2013 Montana

[Adam Montana] ok everyone, good morning! Here’s the latest with the Iraqi Dinar – we are not cashing in yet, and the value has not been announced by any government agency despite what some of those clowns out there are saying.

[Adam Montana] Now that we’ve made it this far through Ramadan, I have to revert to my customary stance on Iraq during Ramadan – nothing significant is going to happen until Ramadan is over

[Adam Montana] There are quite a few questions on HCL in this weeks list, so I’ll hold off on discussing that for now

[Adam Montana] But I will give you a quick notice that due to some issues my current VIP members had in renewing their VIP accounts… I’ve decided to open VIP back up for a limited time

[Adam Montana] it will close again on August 8th

[Adam Montana] Since the HCL truly IS the most important thing on my watch list right now, let’s get into the question list

[TexasGranny] TexasMike1958 HI Adam……there is a report that a finance committee member stated that the deletion of the zeroes from the currency will start this year. Can you explain what this means for our investment?? It sounds like very good news. Thank you for all of your hard work.

[Adam Montana] Hi Texas, thanks for the question. There have actually been a number of reports that indicate this process will be done this year…. unfortunately, there are also numerous articles that state the opposite. We have to remember to take all the “reports” with a grain of salt and instead focus on the facts. FACT: Iraq is FINALLY out of Chapter 7. FACT: The value of the IRaqi Dinar has steadily increased over the past decade and we believe it is poised to do much more. The question is only “when”. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] calkid11 Good morning Adam, I haven’t found anything on the HCL being done yet, wondering if they are hiding it ? your opinion on that. Thank you for all you do. Also with all the fighting here lately do you think it will affect any progress on the RV happening? Thank You

[Adam Montana] I don’t think they are “hiding” it, but they are very possibly sitting on the verge of an agreement. Keep in mind that the HCL is a huge deal – when they push that button, there is going to be a LOT of work to do. If they RV simultaneously, there will be even MORE work to do. I just do not think they are going to take that task on during Ramadan, but after August 8 they can start putting in some overtime!

[Adam Montana] Regarding the fighting – it’s nothing new, it’s not excessive (relatively speaking), and I don’t think it’s going to play a major role at this time.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] johngrider Hi Adam, Thanks for all that you do !!! I have owned Dinar since 2004. I bought from GID Associates at 1562.500 Dinar/1.00 Dollar. Shortly thereafter it changed to 1170./1. Around April 2013, just before the Bankruptcy ended, it changed to 1000./1. Now, Monday 7/22/2013, it has changed again to 832.500./1. My Question is: Has GID Associates seen something we haven’t ? I’ve seen how gas prices ‘change’ before the barrels of oil, go up. I think that this is just like ‘that’ and we are already seeing the RV, in a very slow fashion. Look at the lines at the Banks in Iraq. Remember they are looking at the “Buy and Sell” rates, not the price per Million. The Banks make their money on the “spread”. A huge change makes no logic. If they leave the Denomination’s the way they are, each individual investor will “cash in” when the “value” reaches what they want, not all in the same “short time period” or “day”. These are just my thoughts and I think GID agrees …

[Adam Montana] Hi John, first off congrats on the profit you’ve already made! Your situation is a prime example of what I was just saying – the value has gone up and I believe it will continue to do so. Regarding the rates you posted, I think those are a bit off – the dinar is currently at 1166 per 1USD, not 832. Regardless, to answer your question…. I don’t think GID is aware of anything that we aren’t privvy to, they are just running their business based on the market they are in.

[Adam Montana] And regarding the spread on cashing in, you are correct – the dealers will have their own spread or markup. They aren’t going to perform the service for free!

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] dinarbeleiver There have been articles calling for Maliki’s resignation- what’s the likelyhood of this happening. Personally I feel they should keep with the status quo. Also what is your favourite car? Thanks mr Adam Montana

[Adam Montana] Maliki isn’t going anywhere. My favorite car? What price range?! 😆 I saw a Ferrari F Type in an airport on my last trip and it was gorgeous… and under 100k

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] BKD Adam, thanks for all you do. My concern is all the violence happening in Iraq at the present time. Do you think that this will have a detrimental affect on an RV and delay it for many more months?

[Adam Montana] Nope, I don’t think the violence is at that kind of level. It’s pretty much “normal” for Iraq

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] sandfly ha adam, (someone) said they are telling there people about the rise in the dinar. So what is ur take on this

[Adam Montana] I’m sorry, I’m not sure exactly what you are refering to… but if it’s about a guru spreading rumors, I think you know my opinion :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] tankdude Mr. Montana – Eid-al-Fitr, as I recall, is Aug. 7th. This is traditionally an Islamic holy day of feasting, prayer and gift giving. In most Islamic countries, the government will “gift” the people with something. Now – I know you don’t give dates or rates – and I appreciatte that – but with things going so strongly, I can’t help but get a bit of a “warm fuzzy” about that date. What say you? As good a date as any?

[Adam Montana] “gift to the people” – it doesn’t get much warmer and fuzzier than that! :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] sadman You would think with all the GooRoo’s spewing “the fact” that all over the Iraq TV they are telling their people that the value of their currency will be going up, then why would these same people still be turning in their IQD’s for USD ? I believe that the Iraq people, just like the US population have lost confidence in their government and they beileve that nothing will be done in the near future. Adam, do you feel that Parliament and the GOI really know the true meaning of “Delete the Zero’s” or “Raise the Zero’s”. I feel that the CBI have lead them to believe that they will do a redenomination so that is why they have not been in any hurry to pass many laws needed. If the CBI were to tell the GOI and Parliament exactly what the plan was then everyone in Iraq would be HOARDING the IQD. What are your thoughts !
[Adam Montana] !

[Adam Montana] It’s true that they are still exchanging for USD and visa versa… the bottom line is that until the RV is actually announced, it’s going to be “business as usual”. They aren’t going to continually operate on the assumption that “tomorrow is the day”. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] GameChanger Adam, with all these “Articles” of what the CBI, Gov. Officials, etc. are wanting and needing re: the RV/RD.. it seems they are telegraphing the RV or ARRREE THEYYY? Why would they be doing that? It would seem that letting the world know they are going to RV that EVERYONE (individuals and governments, etc) would rush in and buy IQD which would seemingly cause a problem. Can you please explain?

[Adam Montana] GameChanger, the “articles” that state the GOI “needs” an RV are not from news sources – they are opinions of (most likely) speculators and “gurus”. The plain cold truth is that Iraq does not “need” an RV – they could continue to infinity with an 1166 rate. But why would they WANT to do that?

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] Perryl99 Adam, What is your take on the impact of last weeks massive prison break regarding the stability of Iraq’s gov’t, and the impact on the RV?

[Adam Montana] Good question. I actually put out a couple feelers and watched that one quite closely, to see if there was any political ramifications or any reason to take special notice of it… from what I heard and what I’ve read, there is nothing special about it. Just an ordinary every day prison break.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] stealthwarrior Good morning Adam,what do you think of this scenario? what if Iraq were to issue the new currency,then RV,then declare all dinar printed from 2003 until now is insolvent.would this benefit Iraq the best?

[Adam Montana] That is exactly what might happen! That’s the scenario I’m talking about when I say there could be a “cash in window” – a limited amount of time to exchange your currency.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] adlon Now that Chapter 7 is no longer an issue, it appears that we are on “HCL” watch. My question is: Why is HCL an integral component to revaluation of the currency?

[Adam Montana] adlon, good question. The HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) is the main holdup preventing Iraq from functioning as a complete business. While the Shiites and the Kurds are arguing over who gets the most out of the proceeds of their sales, they are not focusing on what should be their prime concern – sales! Once they have an agreement in place, there is nothing left to stop them from dominating the market in production, which will obviously back them up on any rate they want to maintain

[Adam Montana] I hope I didn’t over-simplify that one

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] brbrlocke When you closed VIP in June I didn’t need to renew but since Iraq is still being Iraq my membership will expire this weekend. Any discount codes still available for us to use?

[Adam Montana] brb – I just re-opened VIP access for a limited time. Any time I give a discount I have to talk to my accounting team to make sure we aren’t running too “lean” – I have to make sure the funds are there to cover the services, basically. If I am able to give any discounts, I’ll send an email tomorrow. At this time there are none running.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] hohoho Is there any validity that the UN could reimpose Chapter VII if Iraq doesn’t jump through some sort of “hoops” within a certain timeframe?

[Adam Montana] hohoho – love the username

[Adam Montana] The UN technically COULD do that, but I don’t think there’s any validity to the notion that they would. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[TexasGranny] coolbeans Adam, there are persons saying that the IQD will never RV but start off as a float at the current rate of .1160 and take 2 years to get to 1 to 1. Do think the IQD will float at the current rate and do a slow rise over years?

[Adam Montana] coolbeans, that’s another good question. I give it a 50/50 chance of that happening. If you’re interested in my reasoning, please see this page:

[Adam Montana] Ok everyone, I guess that was it! In summary, I don’t see anything happening for the next week, but after Ramadan I have the HCL on my watch list. If I hear anything exciting I will pop back in here, otherwise I’ll catch you in the VIP or in the chat next week. Have a great day!

[Adam Montana] open floor

[Adam Montana] thank you all



Iraqi Dinar Guru7-24-2013 Topic: official chat NO TYPING
10:23 AM [Adam Montana] ok official chat time, please no typing
10:23 AM [Adam Montana] This one will be fairly short
10:24 AM [Adam Montana] Now I’ve been scouring the internet all week looking for something solid…. there is a LOT of talking going on right now, but they aren’t talking about what I want to hear: HCL

10:25 AM [Adam Montana] Here’s what we HAVE seen, though: In the banking sector all of the banks have agreed to go along with whatever rate the CBI sets. We must understand how important this is, because although the CBI sets the rate, they need the cooperation of at least the majority of the individual banks – and they have the support of ALL the individual banks. This is a great sign.
10:27 AM [Adam Montana] In addition to that, the DFI is voicing the desire to speed up the “improvement” of the value for the benefit of the Iraqi people, and despite the original plans to have tomorrow be a non-auction holiday, they have decided to continue working… that might also be something to watch towards the end of this week

10:29 AM [Adam Montana] So that’s the situation “in a nutshell”… unfortunately, even though the banks and CBI are showing positive moves, I still want some solid HCL news before I get too excited. With all the yapping from Ban Kai and the rest of the talking heads lately, it seems to me that they are attempting to divert attention away from something.

10:29 AM [Adam Montana] That could be a positive sign, if they are trying to make sure they are fresh in everyone’s brains so they can try to take credit for a major event like an RV
10:30 AM [Adam Montana] or they might just be fluffing, knowing that nothing is going to happen before Ramadan is over
10:30 AM [Adam Montana] Lucky for us, either way – Ramadan is almost over. So, hang in there my friends.

10:31 AM [Adam Montana] Ok, Q&A time! I removed a lot of them just because the basic stuff is covered at length in my book, has been covered dozens of times in past chats, and the VIP questions need to stay in VIP
10:31 AM [Adam Montana] fire away!

10:31 AM [kcw] Annika Good morning Adam,.. (does the) interest of American banks in Iraq post a problem in the process as far as wanting to get in on the “action” and possibly hindering progress with the cbi?

10:32 AM [Adam Montana] Hi Annika, that is a good question. I say “no” – in fact, the opposite. The CBI will always control the Dinar no matter how many “other” banks move in… but the fact that strong banks are willing to move into Iraq shows support for their economy, business atmosphere, and is a good thing for us. :twothumbs:
10:32 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:32 AM [kcw] RV-2-Day Adam Is there any indication that the U.S Government is holding an amount of Dinar?

10:33 AM [Adam Montana] Well… that’s a tricky one. There are tons of rumors, but no way to actually verify it or disprove it. I do feel like our government would have some stashed away somewhere!
10:33 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:33 AM [kcw] Thumper Hey Adam! My investment in the pie industry is going great! Thank you for suggesting to invest in pies! So far I have not made any money and it is difficult actually keep a good stockpile of pies because I eat them daily. You response to most Dinar RV questions is “look to the CBI”. There is so much garabage floating around about the RV. Are there any signs to look for that would indicate a coming RV? Other than the rate changing on the CBI website ofcourse…Thanks Adam!

10:34 AM [Adam Montana] I’m happy to hear the pie business is keeping you busy! In addition to the CBI, I’m watching for solid news on the HCL. That’s pretty much the final key.
10:34 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:34 AM [kcw] Marj1st Hello Adam! … is there any situation you could foresee that would bring you to open the VIP opportunity again? Additionally, are you still predicting a ballpark figure of $.10 per $1?

10:36 AM [Adam Montana] VIP – I’m very happy with the size of our group right now, but I will consider it. Regarding the rate, if you read my thesis on it you’ll understand WHY I say .10 to $1 – it’s not just some random numbers or something a VP saw on a bank screen – my numbers are based on what makes sense from a business standpoint.
10:36 AM [Adam Montana] You can read my thesis here:
10:36 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:36 AM [kcw] countryroads Hi Adam. I’ve been thinking again (more headaches). Can you tell us what advantage it might be to anyone to try and hold up the RV?

10:38 AM [Adam Montana] That’s another good question. I don’t think there is an advantage to “holding up” the RV, but there is definitely a disadvantage to pulling the trigger before every duck is properly lined up. They need an officially passed HCL in order to make their oil business greatly successful, and we all know that in order for them to RV they need to be able to back it up. The HCL is once again the key there, now that Chapter 7 is done. :twothumbs:
10:38 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:38 AM [kcw] GameChanger Adam, Why would Iraq NOT RV?
10:38 AM [Adam Montana] :shrug:
10:38 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:38 AM [kcw] eburt Hello Adam and Mods thanks for ALL you do for us on this site. Since release of Chapter 7 it seems like there is so much chaos in Iraq when it comes to HCL, Security, government, etc, My question is are we back to the drawing broad of waiting for a very long time for this thing to RV? I know we are waiting on HCL to pass but it’s looking like at the earliest mid August for a possiblle RV. I trying to be as patient as I can. Again thanks for everything – GO RV

10:39 AM [Adam Montana] I’m perfectly ok with mid August :twothumbs:
10:39 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:39 AM [kcw] shydude Thank You Adam for being you and keeping a level head with all of us beginners. My question is this – Is anybody watching to see if the new currency is or has been printed? To RV they will need the lower denom bills for change on the streets. This would indicate if we have days or weeks, if they have not the new bills it could be months. Just curious so I can regulate my anticipation accordingly and smooth out this ride.
10:41 AM [Adam Montana] I’ve actually heard from several of the people I talk to in Iraq that the new currency is ALREADY printed. And you are correcct – in order to RV they will need the lower denominations in short order, but it doesn’t have to happen immediately. If they RV to a rate that is pegged to the USD, and the rate is at least .10, then they can use USD to make change while waiting for the new IRaqi Dinar lower denoms to get into circulation.

10:43 AM [Adam Montana] One more thought on the lower denoms – let’s say we have a 1-1 RV. When you take 500,000 IQD into the bank they aren’t going to give you back 500,000 USD or even 500,000 lower IQD notes – they are going to require it to be deposited, where it becomes a digital number and not a physical note. The electronic banking systems in Iraq have come a long way recently, and I believe this is one reason for it (and also one of the reasons they could not have possibly RV’d say, 2 or 3 years ago.)
10:43 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:43 AM [kcw] NMW Hello Adam, Thank you for keeping us on target with everything. My question is this, I know that there has always been fighting in Iraq and there wil always be fighting in Iraq, but with the increase in violence and deaths and especially with the suicide bombing at the prisons, do you think this will have a negative output on the RV? It seems to be getting worse all the time.
10:45 AM [Adam Montana] People say that from time to time, but it’s simply not true. First, does anyone believe that Iraq was a peaceful country back when the IQD was at the higher rate? Well, it wasn’t! There has always been violence in the Middle East, and particularly in Iraq, but that’s not going to stop them from raising the value of their currency. :twocents:
10:45 AM [Adam Montana] next please!

10:45 AM [kcw] jon29 Hello Adam, some are beginning to panic that Iraq may be slipping into another civil war, regardless of this I tend to believe they will stay the course with their political agenda’s and getting their currency on stronger footing against the U.S. Dollar, your thoughts?

10:46 AM [Adam Montana] jon29 see my comment above – I believe they will stay the course. :twothumbs:

10:46 AM [Adam Montana] Ok everyone, that was it! No RV as of today, but things are not looking bad for us. Hang in there, and I’ll see you soon. Thanks!


Iraqi Dinar Guru7-17-2013

[Adam Montana] Morning everyone!

[Adam Montana] turn off your pagers

[Adam Montana] ok I’m running behind on every single appointment possible today…. so I hope you all will forgive me if I jump right into the weekly

Topic: official chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] Here’s where we are… about 3 weeks left in Ramadan, Chapter 7 lifted and now a thing of the past, and a flurry of articles about the 0’s, reseting the value, raising the value, etc

[Adam Montana] the one thing that really stands out to me is the PUSH you can sense in all of the articles for this to move forward. We can easily see that they are mentioning over and over that the CENTRAL BANK (CBI) is in control and must stay there. The CBI is the entity that will ultimately manipulate the rate, and I have not seen one thing that makes me think it might be pushed down.

[Adam Montana] Another thing I am seeing is MUCH more activity in the GOI during Ramadan – things are usually MUCH quieter at this time of the year. In all of the years I’ve been involved in the Iraqi Dinar, I have never seen them so active during Ramadan… so here’s my current opinion

[Adam Montana] I think if they were going to RV during Ramadan, it would have happened almost immediately after Chapter 7 was lifted. Since that did not happen, I don’t expect it to happen until immediately before or after the HCL is officially done

[Adam Montana] How will we know when to expect it, then? Simple – they will not give us an RV announcement, but just like the Chapter 7 issue… we had warning on that, and we will likely get a short heads-up for HCL too

[Adam Montana] so if the HCL is pushed through during Ramadan, then we have a chance. Otherwise, it’s going to be most likely shortly after Ramadan is over (August 8 I believe)

[Adam Montana] ok, so that’s my best guess on the date… as far as the rate, I’m not going to deviate from my past analysis on the situation. More on that during the Q&A.

[Adam Montana] Let’s go ahead and get into those

[Saint] mrref Adam, I’ve been in this investment going on 10 years this December, so I’ve done a lot of research and studying since then. I think I know the answer to my own question but just want your thoughts on this. Over the past years every so often Iraq comes out and starts talking about RV’ing or the deletion of the zero’s and then someone from CBI down plays the rumor. The same thing is happening now. Can you imagine the dinars that are being sold now, so why should they RV? Personally I think the RV won’t happen, not until the USDollar is completely out of Iraq. Why should they RV if the dollar and the selling of the dinars are supporting them? Thanks for your opinion…..

[Adam Montana] mreff I understand where one would get that feeling, but I disagree for a few reasons. First, the dinars being sold to speculators like us is not a huge number – it’s just not. If you look at it from an individual point of view, maybe the numbers look big… but to the CBI, it’s nothing. Secondly, there are plenty of countries who use USD and their own currency side by side. Until Iraq raises the value of their currency and proves that it is stronger than the USD, they will have to co-exist.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] vanilla wafer Hello Adam and All My Future Millionnaires: We have a lot of excitement and rumors flying around that the rv will be between $1.68 – $3.44 – what is your take on this?

[Adam Montana] My opinion of the rate is based on my business sense – it does not make sense to me that they would come out at an odd number like that. If makes more sense to use a round number such as .10, .50, $1, etc.

[Adam Montana] If you’d like to read my opinion on the rate in detail, check this link:

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] SgtFuryUSCZ Veritable flood of contradictory articles rushing at us at warp speed of late… We cannot imagine having to go through this under the tutelage of some guru. Thank goodness for you, your 12456 site & the great people you have here!

[Adam Montana] Sgt, you are most welcome. I appreciate your support as well

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] AJC Good day Adam. Any chances we will see Iraqi companies on the NYSE or NASDAQ this year via ADRs like other foreign companies trading today?

[Adam Montana] “this year” completely depends on if they move forward with the rate increase… if they do, I can’t wait to see what investment opportunities pop up!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[Saint] fred5688 Hello Adam , Thanks for all your info over the past years. Do you think this will ever happen. We get all our hopes built up and then let down. Again thanks for all your information
[Adam Montana] Hey fred,

[Adam Montana] Don’t get discouraged! I trust that you have not gambled any more than you can afford to lose, so just focus on a couple things. 1, stay away from the gurus and rumor sites. 2, get back to the fundamentals – is Iraq moving forward, and has the value been moving in the right direction? My answer is YES to both of those. And 3, do you still believe that Iraq will raise the value further? I do, which is why I am still here. If you don’t, sell your dinar or stick it in a sock drawer and forget about it

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] TotalNewb Thank you for this site, Adam! We have seen a lot of chatter and “demands” coming from members of Parliament for the CBI to incorporate Monetary change. What do you think is the hold up?

[Adam Montana] At this time… nothing in specific, other than perhaps Ramadan. If they have made an agreement to not pass anything major until Ramadan is over, then we are just going to have to be patient and wait. They never come to agreements quickly, so it’s really no surprise that it hasn’t happened overnight.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] yaker What do you think the chances are of our high denominations of Dinar being worthless when the RV finally happens?

[Adam Montana] I don’t think that’s a possibility at all, unless ALL of the denominations become worthless. If that were to happen, we would have a set amount of time to exchange and take our profit, losses, or break even – but they are not going to simple make one denomination void.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] jaymar11 Hi adam, this is my first post since I got into this opportunity in February 2011. No questions, just a statement that I really appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for this site!! My 2 cents,…maybe Iraq was taken by surprise by the lifting of the Chapter 7 sanctions??? I wonder this because there is a flurry of activity in Iraq that shows me that the citizens there want certain things to be in place before they “pop” this thing,…which is very good for us all. The longer something is prepared and cooked,…the better it tastes. Just my observations,….

[Adam Montana] I appreciate your feedback

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] robbby SCARED TO ASK,can feel the negs already! But In the event of Rd,and we are forced to turn our dinars back in within a short time frame, and no bank or dealers want to buy them back or exchange them, do you have a contingency plan to advise us what to do? I’m hoping we would still have a way to get some money back from these dinars so we don’t lose everything. I’m planning for the RV, but you have warned us! Thank you,Adam,Julie & mods for all the hard work! GO RV!

[Adam Montana] I don’t think that will be a concern…. worst case scenario, the dealers will probably buy them back at a lower rate. You might lose some money, but the market will still keep the rates competitive and there will be options.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] countryroads Hi Adam. I was thinking last night (man what a headache that was), that since it looks like thing maybe close to the end of our ride, that it might be a good time to post (on this page) your download on cashing in. I don’t know if you have it on another post, but since there are probably those who haven’t read it this might be the time and place to either repost it or tell us where it can be found. I reread my copy last night to refresh my memory. Thanks Adam GO RV

[Adam Montana] Well, you obviously survived your traumatic incident since you were able to post the comment… congratulations on that! You are correct… some people still haven’t seen the free guide. If you haven’t seen the FREE guide, you can get it here:

[Adam Montana] (Did I mention it’s FREE?    )

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] rubble74 Good morning Adam and company, thank you for all your hard work. My question may be a little off the wall but I hope you can answer it anyway. I understand my info has come to me from other sites so I just want some clarification… I have read about this whole Basel III compliance and how they say Iraq will Re-Value shortly and is to become a leading currency in the global market, and that the US dollar is going to depreciate as much as 50% come Oct when the new $100 bills come out… I don’t believe this but I just want your take on the matter as I value your opinion… Basel III compliance is being implemented over the next few years to help prevent money laundering and protect international trade and for many other reasons… and we are getting a new $100 come Oct., but I don’t think any of that has anything to do with the Iraq RV or that it will affect the strength of our Dollar…What do you think? Thank you

[Adam Montana] I don’t know where these people come up with this stuff… is the USD decreasing in value? YES. Does “new bills” have anything to do with it, now or in the future? NO

[Adam Montana] The value of our currency is affected by many things, but a 50% drop in value due to a new design on an existing denomination is kind of silly.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] Amos9:13 Adam just curious on your thoughts towards the recent article where (I believe it was as shabiri) that mentioned the wording “reset” to me that sounds more like a RI instead of an RV. Seems like there are more “increase economic, more gold, more reserves” coming out than the dreaded 0’s dropping. Think the word “reset” and these other articles have some future merit?

[Adam Montana] In my opinion, they are all leading towards some kind of change in the exchange rate. They aren’t telling us flat out that they are going to RV, but they are obviously working on things that will change the rate. And I’m pretty sure they aren’t working on lowering it!

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] vietnam1969 Hello Adam, staff and all members. I have been reading the above questions and many are wondering what the hold up is and are asking about the deletion of the zeros. Do you think that part of the delay MAY be that some of the elected officials are not trusted by others and therefore want to establish a new ruling party or just get rid of some and replace them? Also, IMO I don’t think that the banking system is in place yet for the common people to deal with. Just a thought. By the way, you have added a couple of my buddies to your mod patrol and I would just like to say congrats to them and you for putting them straight.    Doug and Saint!!!!!

[Adam Montana] I suppose that’s a fair assumption… the political and religious groups in Iraq, or anywhere in the Middle East for that matter, tend to take their time getting through discussioins, debates, agreements, etc. That’s just how the culture is.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] BigKahuna Hi Adam, I know I speak for many when I tell you how much all you do is appreciated! Mucho Gracias…..My question is concerning the HCL. It appears that it could be one of the final issues needing resolution along with any outstanding banking laws prior to any RV happening in the very near future. What are your thoughts on these issues getting passed then published prior to the end of Ramadan or July 31st? I’m of the mindset that the RV would begin just prior to the HCL being published that would include the RV rate. I haven’t seen very much of late concerning the the HCL and I’m also wondering if perhaps there is significant work being done behind the seens on this matter that you may be aware of. Please tell us your gut on this issue…..May the Force be with you, young Skywalker!

[Adam Montana] I’ve covered most of this already in my answers above, but yes – I do see progress being made on the HCL and I think we can look forward to more news on it in the near future.

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] waitingondinar Adam, we have seen much hype leading up to release of chapter 7. It was thought the HCL would be “rubber stamped” right after release. We now seem to be in another long waiting period as the newest articles keep going back and forth stating the iraqi government isn’t ready to change the dinar value. What are your thoughts regarding the wait? Thanks

[Adam Montana] See my earlier comments

[Adam Montana] next please!
[Saint] jon29 Holy smokes, all these dinar questions in the hopper…here’s one on the lighter side Mr. M.: As July begins it’s gradual decline and some of us sit on the patio drinking a cool glass of lemonade or ice tea while watching the birds frolic in the birdbath, thoughts turn to a more frivolous non-business like endeavor–summer vacation. In your opinion, for those DV’ers on a limited budget (a few hundred bucks), do you have any nice idea’s for a 2 or 3 day getaway? Thanks and go RV!

[Adam Montana] If I ever had 2 or 3 days in a row that I could use to “get away” I might have an answer for you

[Adam Montana] Ok everyone, that’s it for now! Keep your heads on straight, don’t let the Gurus goose you, and I’ll be in touch if I have anything major to share.

[Adam Montana] open floor


[Adam Montana] thank you all mods and members! Hopefully next time I’m in here it will be to announce HCL or the RV, then you can REALLY thank me!
[Adam Montana] have a great day everyone



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